It’s snowing

It is currently snowing so hard right now and i love it!! I always thought snowflakes were meant to be tiny, however these ones, (that i’ve just been running around in naked, in badsworth,) are giant sized!! They’re like the size of MASSIVE cobwebs or chunks of candy floss. I love it, i love it, i love it!! It’s been so long since i’ve been in proper THICK snow. It’s Greatness!! All i need now, is turkish delight and an Ice Queen, and it’s SO ‘Chronicles of Narnia,’ ( if you don’t know what that is…it’s not my fault you didn’t go to school.) The seasons are so WAY behind this year.

Anyway, as all glamour pusses do, i shopped (again) today, and managed to actually have a GREAT time. Infact, this lady stopped me mid- buying my brother an army jumper, and said, ‘It’s Christina, right?’ After, i did my whole nod, nod, smile number, she then went on to tell me that i had inspired her little daughter to dance and that she is a big fan. Aww…how sweet. I use to dance a lot competitvely, and i use to win a lot, due to my competitive-ness (can’t spell), so it was just good to know that lots of little girls adored me, as ADORATION is something i too have a darling relationship with.

Speaking of little kids, my agent, is trying to make me audition for a pop group/tv show…which all sounds dandy etc…yet my audience is apparently for children in pre-school. Isn’t that a nightmare waiting to bite me in the arse later, when i make a 4 year old burst into tears, because she’s seen me ‘nips out, naked’, straddling a stool, in a barnyard??? Ah well whatever will be, will be??

As i’m writing this, i’m also being IM-ed by ‘Good model friend whore,’ and having a conversation about how, dating black thug-like men, is SO tired. It’s done!! Plus, i only like the P.Diddy, and Pharell type, thug and not the ‘flava flav’ or any other really killed people outside a ‘7-Eleven,’ type thug. Infact, i’m just not attracted to thugs at ALL, it  doesn’t seem to mess well with my ‘ooh laa,’ unless they are gentlemanly…i guess??

You know what?? I actually feel so bad for any of those girls, fighting to win the love of ‘Flava Flav..’on his show..  I mean he’s entertaining, yet.. come on girls, he’s no real ‘Prize.’  (hahahaha) I’d rather fight over a bucket of lard and a sandwich.

Anyway, i’ve got to go, as i’ve got lots of worky to be getting up too.

Love ya!!

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  1. Running around in the snow naked? That must have been really cold!

    Did ya get goosebumps? Well come on inside then … I’ll warm ya up!



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