It’s just my ‘Ooh laa-swiggedy.’

Had a hilarious day! As most of you know, i’m working ALL day, EVERY day right now, with no real time for much nuisancing. But i’m loving every moment of it. I’ve actually surprised myself at how well i’ve adjusted to this new kind of work schedule. I’m taking it in my stride, occasionally *hair-tossing,* having at least 20 cups of coffee a day and loving all the new people that i work with more and more as each day passes. I’m having fun…and waddling.

I’ve watched a weight-lifter chase after a gypo, got spotted in a changing room, whilst i was accidentally helping a deaf woman calculate her body fat percentage, i’ve had my barn boobies pictures placed upon an office computer for sandwich eating eyes to greedily view and i’ve not only let out tiny secrets to collegues, but been told that a lady was caught sitting on a toilet, in a next door tsall whilst privately listenning to Celine Dion, mid piddle. The rest of the day was spent being terrified crossing roads, (i get sooo utterly scared,) eating muffins, calling people ‘dickheads,’ watching people go pink because i found out their real name was ‘Alistar,‘ being introduced to horny spinsters, watching ladies be killed with ultimate kindness, being told to find strippers who looked dirty for national exposure and sipping imaginary cocktails! Yippee! I hate being tee-total right now.

I haven’t had time to work on my book AT ALL so far! Well done me! I just haven’t managed to fit it in. But i will eventually! I’m really excited about it, yet i’ve just got to wiggle a hole into the works, in order to get my head down and get it finalized. (There are hot male naked ‘Handsomes’ wearing nothing but sushi, on my telly! There is a GOD! OH! Wait? Now they’re wearing crabs?? Hmm…story of my life!)

I’ve just got home after a long day of work. My boobies feel all jubbly, comedy and ‘mama’ heavy much. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed finding blackcurrant lollipops, having the designers at RARE, offer to send me a free parcel of kitty clothes, eating apples before taking showers and approving Wunna poster pictures for all you delicious dumplings to hang on your walls. Infact, i also had a ‘Kristen’ tell me what happened in the BBF house. Lol. I remember sitting there by a computer, wishing i wasn’t chubby, as she ‘Googled’ the show merrily whilst i was saying, ‘I do know what happened. I don’t have to watch it…i actually was THERE!’ Haha…cute! I love her!

I really do need that luxury spa day immediately, with Loverboy. For the first time in a long time he’s let me calmly *spoon* him 3 nights in a row! Wow-wee! My mum always told me that when a boy doesn’t let you spoon him, without tossing and turning, he has a troubled mind and trust issues. Before Pete’d always be a tosser & a turner…yet having me spend three nights in a row with him, has really eased his tortured soul of ‘I was adopted & need to be loved.’ He now sleeps through the entire night calmly and deeply…He now lets me full on *spoon* him, without telling me he needs me to ‘move over.’ I’m a bed hogger. But whocares, i’m an independant Glamour Puss. I enjoy to sleep ‘starfish‘ in the centre of a giant bed of pink and gold. If i’m on YOUR side, it’s not because i’m selfish and more because you should know to MOVE! 🙂 Parts of my bed are usually filled with drunk friends, gays, relatives, ‘can’t get homers,’ sexual conquests and loves of my life. I kitty curl up however i need to and they usually decorate my surrounding as i ‘dreamland.’ (I have it like that now. 🙂 I totally WILL get over myself ONE day! Anyway, Pete & I are in ‘fairytale’ right now. He’s really being THERE for me and really slotting into my life perfectly. (No, not that kind of ‘slotting.’ 🙂 ) We’re really excited about our *bump* and well we’re actually taking it in our stride. I don’t think we have much to actually worry about? We have great support, great families, great financial back up, lots of love to give and no need to stress out. We couldn’t actually have it any better. Pete now knows i’m here to stay, because i do have a tragical previous reputation of romancing a world of ‘handsomes’ and leaving them when i felt i was no longer needed. That’s enough to scare any lovely! I always say i’m like this glittery, fun, light of Guardian Angel, who briefly crosses your path, when you need her the most. I totter into lives and make them better. Once my work is done…i smile and gallop onward! I love that Loverboy NEED

Anyway, enough of all that! For the rest of the evening, i’ll be chillaxing, slowing my roll, cuddling kittens and catching up with my message reading and witty online banter. One of my kittens ‘Gucci’ is curled up right infront of the fire and i’m wondering why i can’t fit into any of my preggo trousers? I’m keeping warm, keeping calm and loving my life in the biggest way possible. I’ve done a lot in my life..achieved more than i ever thought i would. Yet i did it all early and quickly. ..faster than i thought! This year has really been about ME and finding my true self, appreciating a more normal existance and doing the things that REALLY matter in life! It may sound weird to you..but i’ve never gotten to live a simple life…ever! I’m going to be a mum…really soon…infact in months! It will be the grandest thing i’ve ever done and dollies…i CAN’T WAIT! It’s put EVERYTHING into perspective. 🙂 I’m not even terrified.

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  1. Hi its you friend from across the pond I like that saying. Well anyhow I read this blog. You seems really busy. But an interesting kinda busy. Glad things are turning out good. where in the heck did u find black currant lollipops man alive? That sounds great. Well anyhow hope you do finish that book one of these days. Still wanna read it. Cheers.


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