It’s Getting Hot in Here…

Hello, my lovely bundles of munchkin land. I have the football on, (I am aware that England aren’t playing today, however due to their rubbishness, i’ve decided to root for a different team. A team where the players aren’t paid millions of ‘dirty dirty dollars’ to miss the actual goal and a team where the players make ME kick & dribble.) I’m also in need of a giant *cool down* after a big day in the sun, (oooh laaa Daddio, it’s hotting up) and well armed with the *cheeky* in my eyes and a rather new chapter that is about to pretty much terrify me, you and yo’ mama…i think i’m doing A Okay! i think? Am I? Who knows!?! Lol. It’s a happy emotional time. I’m over the moon, but doing *i’m scared* faces, incase I manage to good old balls it all up nicely! [Place you bets here! 😉 ]

Luckily last night, I didn’t at all get bollocked. Not even one bit. The bollocker got scared of me, due to my reputation of *feist.* It does come in handy at times! (Haha..tragic!) I was terrified for no reason and turning a baby molehill, into a rather dramatic mountain of *fearo fearo.* (We do this to ourselves don’t we!) Nothing happened…apart from what i thought was going to be an awkward chat. It ended up being a normal adult chat and yeah it didn’t make me feel too delicious, as there were definitely a few things said  that I would never have delivered verbally, if i were in the other persons position. Yet, on the whole, i think it’s going to be alright. I’m not used to adult chats, they make me feel uncomfortable. I’m a *crazy.* I threw plant pots the size of hippos off balconies during a moment of ‘I’ll show you! in LA, dressed as a Belly dancer whilst  swearing and swigging!!  I’m playing by the ‘everything happens for a reason’ method. (Dodgey.) I really hope it does, because if it doesn’t….i’m doomed. WHOOPEEEE! My ‘Thing-a ling’ rocks! Am i being creepy?

I’ve actually just got back from a lovely lunch at The Beverly Arms. It’s by a big, local roundabout and drenched in blistering sunlight. There was a point in the day, where i thought umbrella drinks on the roundabout was the way forward! Loverboy and I sat outside in the heat, with spritzers and mango/apple juices, whilst talking about life. I haven’t actually seen Loverboy since Friday, because i’ve been away in London for work…(I go again Friday.) It’s odd when i don’t see him after a long time, because he isn’t his 100% self when he does get to re-see me. Don’t get me wrong, he was completely loving and sweet, but 20% of him was missing, kinda somewhere else? I mean he must have something on his mind. I don’t know what? But when men are away with thought, it’s usually regarding money or insecurity. Yeah he was definitely a bit *hazy* today, and well along with that 20% stolen by thought, a further 10% was temporarily snatched by hayfever! He has it bad, and well not only sneezed all over everything, almost ever 3 seconds, but he started having cold sweats, in the

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