Wuddup, my babies!!! How are you today?? As always, little Miss.Wunna, is sparkly happy, with a glint of mischieve in her eye!! Yep, i’m definitely in a ‘lets cause some trouble’, kinda mood, for random comic value and having worked this morning, I am feeling very very ‘OOoh Laaa, Ooh laa, flirty flirty!’  With me still being a young-ish girly, i’m quite frankly, a bit of an ‘attention whore,’ and i LOVE being the flirty center of attention , and ofcourse I LOVE getting attention from the boys!!! Who doesn’t??? It just always makes me feel good, puts the ‘bedroom’ in my eyes and for some reason always cracks me up. (hahahaha) So bring it on fellas, as i’m raring to go!! Purrr…..

Anyway, i love my job, and it’s going quite spiffingly as of right now. I have a very busy schedule set up, lots of new knickers, but more importantly, how GREATNESS is the QUEEN ( as in ‘of England,’ and not ‘Graham Norton.’) Yes, our Liz, has just, or is going too…( who bloody cares, i don’t fucking know,) open the new heathrow airport terminal, 24hrs after, a HUGE security scare ( dodgey man with explosives, or something,) proving to us Brits that she has the biggest BALLS of us all. ( yum yum)

I love The QUEEN and her jewel studded hairy set of plums!!! Yet,if i were Queen, i would have totally sent some poor old sod slave, to go cut the fucking ribbon, and smash a champagne bottle on the wall. Me…get blown up….i don’t think so!!! Hence, why I’m not Queen of England, and instead Princess in exile, of Burma!! hahaha!

I need to stop drinking so much coffee. I’m currently a coffee addict, (4th cup today) and it’s staining my teeth, yet i guess it better than being addicted to erm…..,peeing on children, (R Kelly Rocks!!) so i think i’m fine!!

WHAT!!!! Just so you know, i’m right this second looking through a magazine, that is telling me, that one can purchase ( wait let me read it properly first) before i bark off some nonsense…Okay, one can purchase, a cocktail at Movida ( london night club), for £35,000. CHUFFIN’HELL!!! ( if you are american that means, oh my gaaaaaaaaaaaaaard!!) It consists of the best cognac in the world ever, half a bottle of Cristal ( ghetto) in rose, sugar, edible 24 carat gold flakes, and a 11 carat white diamond ring!!! So basically, if your a person who drinks alcohol, like me, and does not study it ( like boring wine tasters), all of the above translates as… a bit of bloody booze, more bloody booze, sugar ( that u can get from the store, for under a £1,) fools gold ( if you can eat it, it’s not real, hahaha) and DIAMONDS!!! ( i likey)

I have a very loving relationship with DIAMONDS! I love them, they love me, we make ‘Ooh Laa.’  However, i do want diamonds presented to me, via a baby blue, turquoise box, with a white ribbon, that says, ‘Tiffany,’ on it, and not attached to something that i’m simply going to pee out, later!!  Whoever thought up the, ‘Movida Flawless cocktail’, ( as if anyone can say that anyway, wehn they are drunk) was basically a TWAT! And who ever the bloke was, who bought Kylie minogue one, was SILLY, because she’s never going to bonk you. Yet, if you buy Me one, you’d probably get a little rumble in grandma’s bed or something??? Boys, you’ve just got to be smarter!! haha!

Shit, i really want one now, i’ve dogged it! lol! £35,000 for a tipple!!! Like the old Hollywood saying goes, ‘It better come with Hookers, and Blow.’)

Anyway, i’ve got to go re-do my face, make some coffee, (ho-hum) and take a picture of my vagina for a photographer, believe it or not!

But before i do go, i do want to tell you its…..wait for it….it’s Chrissie Wunna’s…..(drum roll, drum roll)….FANNY FRIDAY!!!! So be expecting some pictures later my boys!!! ( and i do mean Fanny as in US bum!!!)

3 thoughts on “It’s FANNY FRIDAY!”

  1. Funniest fucking blog ever – and the sexiest – but whoa whoa WHOA! You can’t just throw in a comment like like “take a picture of my vagina for a photographer” without some explaination – and preferably illustration! ;-D xxxx


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