It’s Boyfriend Season….

Well heeelllooo, my picnicky pins of ‘ooh-gimme-gimme.’ How are you today? I’m in and updo and I finally managed to get up from my glorious sectional sofa, hoist my kitty cat ‘hey-hey-bootay’ toward the heavens, defying the laws of gravity and slowly, yet glamourous *glide* to my kitchen to fix myself a little bit of lunch. That little bit of lunch ended up being a far less glamourous chilli con carne. But i don’t care, i’m craving it right now and in life, The Gods have always taught me to listen to what my body needs, and give it what it craves. Adjustments only need to be made on that theory if your cravings end up ‘heart-breaking’ another. However, hunger pangs very rarely do…i whipped out and whopped out and made myself a homemade chilli con carne, which i will tell you is so much better when made from scratch and not from the tin. It’s like soul food. The kind of food that makes you go ‘oooh,’ then *wink.* Now, i’m not starving and can tend to functioning through this land we call ‘Wunna.

I actually haven’t done much today, however  my mind is racing forward. I’m planning the career, planning the weekend, sorting out finances, scheduling Ruby and hoping it will all run to ‘dolly perfection. As women, we kinda have to do a lot of that don’t we? Our normal lives, get littered with ‘to do’s’ for other people. Be you a wife, a mother, a wounded heart, a worker,  or a friend. Yet the idea is to never let it get to you and tend to it all with a glittery greatness,  so that all other females may render to, or be inspired by you in some kind of way. (I only say ‘render’ to the haters.  The haters are the people who pay their homage to you via jealously. 🙂 They have to ‘render’ to your greatness, simply because they can’t find it in themselves to be positive enough to feel ‘ inspired.’) I mean there are plenty of women who i believe i’m highly uninspired by. Yet they’re fuck ups. 🙂 Like on Jeremy Kyle today…women, well MUMS, who are selfish enough to put drinking, drugs, or even MEN before the welfare of their OWN children and they wonder why their kids have grown up with emotional problems. It’s disgraceful AND to make it even worse women of this sort have churned out tons of little kiddies.. all to different men, who actually want nothing to do with the children or the women in question..( but if you present yourself in such a manner…then they’re not going to be appealed by you, are they.) They are the kinds of women to feel uninspired by and not just because they ballsed the only thing that matters up, but simply because they’re aren’t strong enough to see what’s important in life. If you’ve been hurt, you’ve been hurt. However LOTS of people in this world have been hurt. The ones that feel, heal and don’t dwell on it, are the strong ones. There’s only so long that you can throw a pity party for and you’ll always find that karmas a bitch. Women like me are ACE. Don’t get it twisted. 🙂 I might have too much bronzer on, but i’m a GREAT mum. (However, Rubes might not think that when i attempt to dress her up as a pumpkin this weekend. #fashioncrime) Preach of the day over.

Okay, back to MY life, what i have actually done (other than thoroughly enjoy the Ellen DeGeneres show. If you didn’t know, Ellen DeGeneres is my actual Ultimate girl crush. If i could fancy a woman and make her my life partner it would be her.) That doesn’t now mean you all have to inbox me pictures of Ellen or yourselves, if you are a lovely gay female and simply because the last time i said i loved something, what was it? ‘Guitar Hero!’ You all started sending me weird computer gamey stuff that i truely and absolutely depised. 🙂 I was pissed when i said i liked Guitar Hero. I hate Guitar Hero. I think it’s rubbish. I had guzzled rum by a magician, when i foolishly made that statement. However, Ellen DeGeneres i do adore…so do feel free to mail me her. *Blushes.* (My poor friend Emily has decided to be mildy depressed today and is in the ‘hiding in her bed’ phase of the problem. Work is killing her little ginger soul, so she’s reached out to me for a little love. Awww…I rooted around and then   told her that drinking is the answer, until she finds a new place of work. 🙂 Made her smile. Peeled a cover off her…even if it was only to pour a vino.  Champion work. Here i am, saving lives. God, that chilli has made me feel all bloated. I don’t know if i have a baby in my belly, or just too much con carne?)

God, i keep getting distracted and rambling on about things i never thought i was going to ramble on about. What i wanted to tell you is that i had to say ‘no’ to a cosmetics commercial today, that i maybe wanted to do, yet couldn’t do, due to a lack of childcare on the specific day of ‘shoot-shoot.’ (Sorry, made it sound like a porn.) However, i’m not too bothered and simply because Ruby needs Mummy and when Ruby needs mummy…i’m always there. (Code for: Grandma is away that day.)

What i will tell you is that LADIES it is BOYFRIEND SEASON. Well nearly. As soon as the weather starts getting  a little nippy and the summer turns to Autumn, which is on it’s way to Winter, it’s the time of the year when we  ALL attempt to find a boyfriend, so we are not alone during the cold Christmas months, so we have someone to share the merriment with, so we GET GIFTS from a boy out of love and utter romance and so we can fool them into dating us until Valentine’s day, so we have a date, before dumping them, on Feb 15th. 🙂 The hunt has started for many a girl, as the season crisps open. Summer is always about singledom, sex, beaches and fun. The cold seasons are always about love, snuggles and wanting to be cared for. Saying that, i got married in the Summer, meaning my Summer was mainly about love and argueing. However, nothing is better than Christmas with the person you love and your family. This will be the first Christmas, where Ruby will understand gifts and be able to talk. Awwww….AND i’ll have another one on the way. It’s like a properly warm hearted Christmas for me this year, filled with love and joy. Plus, it’s fun to be filled with love, family and joy, instead of heartache, booze and willies, during the coming months. I remember that i always used to blog how i wished to get kissed under fireworks on bonfire night…yet it never happened. Now it’ll happen every single time. Maybe because i said it so much, i willed it to happen. ‘Dear The Gods….i also want millions of pounds…millions of pounds….millions of pounds. Thanks, Chrissie. x’

You can tell it’s boyfriend season, because there’s so many shows about dating and people trying to find love.

Rubes, didn’t sleep through the night at all last night! In her sleep she kept screaming out, whilst her eyes were still in dream land, ‘MINE! MINE! MIIINNNEEE!’ Lord knows what was going on? But she certainly took it to heart, as she ended up in tears. Meanwhile, in my dreamland, ‘now happy because she’s on the wine’ Emily, kept popping up in mine and chilling. Maybe she was upset so thought she’d tinker over to see what i was up.

I need juice now. Cya dolls. x

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