It’s Bliss Innit



Everything feels like BLISS! I mean, nothing is better than going to bed, snuggled in with all your loin fruit, after the busiest week ever of work, to know that you not only don’t have to get up early in the morning to earn that extra bit of moola, but you don’t have to do it for the NEXT THREE DAYS!

Yes! Wunna has the next THREE DAYS off and it feels like ULTIMATE BLISS. I’m spending it with my babies, my family, my world…and everything just feels so much greater! Working hard makes you really appreciate your down time, the time you have to chill, the time you have with your ‘little hearts.’ I mean, I even duffed my ankle up and got a flair up of skin disease :)…yet i’m still smiling because right now, i’m blogging from my living rooms floor, STILL IN MY PJ’S, with both babies napping by my side and with Mr.Tumble on my telly as background.

Even my morning shower this morning felt like BLISS. Not sure why? But it did! I had a hardcore Herbal Essence style shower this morning. It sent me off to dream land, a euphoric state of ‘ooh laa.’ (I didn’t even use Herbal Essence, in fact due to work, I hadn’t had any time to buy more conditioner, so even worse I had to use budget ย  2 in 1 from Poundland, because it was next door to the place I was pondering, when i remembered. ๐Ÿ™‚ ) Saying that, it’s all down to working hard and having no time. It makes you appreciate the little things. An actual Herbal Essence shower, believe it or not is just a marketing trick. (OOh, we didn’t know that. ๐Ÿ™‚ ) If you get that shit in your eye, it stinks like *SWEAR HERE.* I spent my last Herbal Essence type shower blind, shouting ‘FUUUUCCCCK! ARRRRGH’ at the top of my voice, naked, slipping and reaching for a towel…in mid ‘stood in the shower’ air. ๐Ÿ™‚

Ruby can’t believe i’m home with her. Love it. We’re getting ready for Easter and well my parents always kept the magic of every holiday and festivity alive. We are going to be going Easter bunny bonkers, with painted Eggs, bonnets…buns..the works. Junior’s really into it too. He’s probably more into it than Rubes. This morning he power crawled up to me, snacked a MaltEaster Bunny out my hand, snapped it in half, with his almighty strength and shoved IT ALL IN HIS MOUTH in one fail swoop. I obviously thought he would spit it out, as it’s far too rich, far too chunky, far too chocolately…NOPE! He held it in his chops, with a puzzled face of ‘wait ย a minute’ and a little muddle around in his mouth, it was gone. Lord knows how he devoured it in 30 seconds…but he did..and then when I wasn’t looking he grabbed Ruby’s half and shoved that in his mouth too. ๐Ÿ™‚ It was fine though as Baby 1, (aka Rubes) took one tiny nibble out of the ear and with a face of utter ‘urk’ said, ‘Eww..that’s disgusting. Can I have peas instead?’ Lmao. They’re eating habits are soooo different from one another. I put a pea in Junior’s mouth and he spat it right back out at me, like he was some kind of weird half Burmese pea shooting machine.

Life is GREAT!

I am thoroughly enjoying every moment of my first day off and will continue to enjoy every inch of the next too. BLISS. BLISS. BLISS. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE.

Eyelash lien going great. A new bit of marketing going great. Day job. Love it. I have a stress rash and a dodgy ankle…but it’s fine. Babies. Love them. Being flirted with by boys…used to it. ๐Ÿ˜‰ (The Doctor is dying to get me on a date, but I just don’t have time right now and not looking to date as of present.) Moving shortly! (Incase you forgot.) But i’m not speaking about that until it’s all been sorted. So yeah, I have a lot on my plate..again…but i’m loving it. 2014, can kiss my hot arse. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’M WINNING.)

Talked to my Daddy last night about my love life. He’s upset as i’m his baby girl and he hates broken down families and he’d probably wish for Keiran to be different and not a tragic party boy, who can’t love his daughter, or commit to being part of a family, in order to raise children appropriately, yet all he said was,

‘I know you baby..(that’s what my daddy calls me ๐Ÿ™‚ ) Where Keiran went wrong was when he secretly moved out of the house and told you via text. That hurt you the most right? The way he did it, as now it’s too hard for him to come back in. He created a barrier for himself, so whoever advised him on such a move, didn’t know you very well.’

I just looked at him and smiled and responded with a..

‘Yeah, i resented him for that. The way he did it. It was rude and disrespectful and it was more the fact that he planned it all, had even told other people, slagged me off to people behind my back and knew what he was doing. He kept it from me. He abandoned the family and that caused too much pain, that he’s not sorry for, to each and every member. He hurt Me, he broke Ruby and Junior will now never really know him. To be honest, he hurt himself..but it’s because he has issues. I know him better than anyone and he knows that.’

Then i had a wine, we cuddled the babies and my mummy bandaged up my ankle for me. ๐Ÿ™‚ I LOVE FAMILY LIFE! My Daddy is a traditionalist, so he doesn’t hate Keiran at all, but he’s shocked that an actual boy or grown up man wouldn’t stand by his marriage vows, or be there ย to protect his wife and children. He just thinks he’s made a flow of idiot moves that he maybe hasn’t meant to make, yet due to a dodgy upbringing or poor advisors, he’s sort of shot himself in the foot now that he doesn’t know what to do or how to come back from it, because he dug his grave so deeply. He see’s him as a mess, a boy that just has to learn things the hard way. Yet unfortunately my Father has as daughter with a tolerance line. That he raised her to have…but only after I had compassionately done or offered all that I could help-wise, heart-wise before letting go. My Daddy is a love bunny. He’s a compassionate man, who taught me empathy. Both my Mum and dad are. They always told me that it was about understand people. Yet Keiran took the piss…so now i’m like (and it took me a long time of getting over, and in the end giving him chances)…’AS IF.’ He should of run in when the door was still a jar open.

Plus, it’s a bit annoying for my Mum because the money that my Dad paid for the wedding…it was a normal wedding amount…I don’t even know how much, but I do know it was around ยฃ30,000-ish?? If Daddy knew that Keiran wasn’t serious about being married and taking his vows, and that his word wasn’t his bond…well that money wouldn’t have been wasted and instead could’ve gone towards the grand children. That’s ยฃ15,000 each that they could’ve pocketed. Silly boy.

However, enough of all that!

Everything is so positive and perfect now. ย I’m happy. This weekend is going to amazing!!! (I should really be packing or sorting though the children’s stuff.)

AND we’re going to be going on our first abroad holiday with the babies in a couple months! EXCITED! Two this year for them. They’re at the perfect age for it all now. And I can’t wait to do Orlando..well Disney land with them when they’re a bit ‘ can appreciate it’ older. Then they can see Mama’s friends. I’m also looking forward to my LA friends coming over for a visit. EXCITED!! It’ll be ace to have male models residing in Wunna land in the name of old friends and holidaying. ๐Ÿ™‚ Hollywood models do Ponty. Yeah! Ruby will go bananas, she gets far too excited about it all. She is so much older than her time. It’s so bizarre. Plus, through their life i want them to experience where they’re from, their own cultures, Mummy’s culture, roots and places of resident, so there will be lots of America, Asia and Caribbean (if i must) in their future. (Ugh, my lips are super chapped.)

Anyway hope you’re well. I need coffee.

I’m off. Three day! Three day? Three days! ย Wahoo! (I hate that I totally missed sibling day because i fell asleep early.)

Love you. x











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