It’s been weeks…

Happy Tuesday!!!! Haven’t written a blog in weeks and weeks. You have my sincerest apologies.

Every day I told myself I would. Yet, i just didn’t? Don’t know why? I’ve weirdly felt really busy, exceedingly happy and I’ve been both riding AND ENJOYING the waves of the Lockdown UK.

Wunna Land has pretty much adjusted really well. It’s delightful. So I’m counting this time as really lucky. I’m happy.

So where are we now? It’s funny because I’ve just deleted a blog that began… ‘We’re a week in!’

I wrote 3 paragraphs, then couldn’t be arsed. So we’re around 5 weeks in now? Is it 5? Or 4? I’m not counting anymore. I’m living in the moment… in the present, with two of the most precious human beings….little Ruby & Junior.

But we’ll done everyone! We’ve survived our first batch of lockdown. We’ve rolled into the second shimmie with bells on!

If you’re doing alright! Big love. If not. Even greater love from the bottom of my heart. I hope you’re well. I hope you’re safe.

It goes in waves, as does life and I’ve noticed on my Insta feed that people are having the happiest days, the dullest days…all kinds of days. All that matters is that we’re learning a lot about life, ourselves and getting through it together…

*Cheer here* (Obvs, don’t have too. Lol)

Spirits are high! The sun is out! We’re all finding more creative ways to keep occupied, busy and therefore happy! We’ve adapted. We’re living in the moment. We’re looking forward to the future. (Which is how I’ve always said WE SHOULD be living.) Everyone is dandy and most people are sticking to the rules.

This is obviously just a catch up blog, so I’m just skim everything for you quickly…

The clocks went forward. No-one cared. Life didn’t change. We still woke up and did our worlds with a much perkier lockdown vibe. Third week in I got on this ‘must work hard at career’ vibe, so I auditioned for everything. I think between us…including the kids, we smashed 9 auditions. I managed to book two feature films from that week. I’m in a lot of ‘Zoom’ meetings and work talks. So that’s a buzz.

We filmed for ‘The One Show’ and the Breakfast Show for the BBC. I’ve done a bunch of radio interviews too. I’m trying to join the ‘Great British Chorus,’ with Gareth Malone…but don’t know how?

As a family we’re loving our time together. There’s a real ‘power in 3’ with Ruby, Junior & I. We’re SO close & I hope it always stays that way. I’ve apways said that’s one of the reasons we’re beginning to do so well.

We’ve homeschooled. They’ve worked REALLY hard. I’m so proud. We’ve baked cookies, cakes, puddings, brownies…everything with our ‘Betty Crocker’ cam. We’ve painted rainbows on everything. We’ve sang. We’ve danced. Done Ballet class. We’ve exercised. We’ve created. We’ve built. We’ve played. We’ve watched movies and just you name it…we have done it.

I’m even like some Queen of cooking right now! I mean, who knew I could AT ALL cook? But we’ve had some ‘slap up’ bound meals, due to top chefs and home cooks sharing all their favourite recipes online. As if I’ve made food. Really good food!!!!!!!! I’ve shocked myself. We’re all amazed! Haha.

I said I would never join Tiktok. I did. I watched my mate ‘Olympian Toby’ do the ‘Don’t Rush Challenge.’ The babies wanted to do it so badly…and just like that…a Tiktok was created and we did a couple little videos.

I’ve stopped drinking! Yes! I know! I’m nuts. I’m on a drinking detox. So, it’ll be 15 days now since I last had a wine. This is why I can’t be left to my own devices because ‘do-gooding’ occurs by accident. 😉

I saw that my friend ‘Big Brother Rex,’ posted a thing about how he hasn’t drank in 87 days, or something insane like that??? I know him well. If he can stop drinking than anyone can! So I Challenged myself. That’s why i quit for a bit. Plus, i’ll get great skin and lose weight, if I do it for long enough.

I hate to feel challenged. I like things to come easily. But I love challenge MYSELF, it’s weird?

We did Easter. Lots of Eggs. Easter Bunny came and left us mini piles of treats. We had Easter themed food. Junior was delighted!!! Bless him! He loves a celebration!!! He’s really come out his shell during lockdown.

The babies are just over the moon. They adjusted immediately and loved being home from day one! We’ve done so much and made so many memories,

So far, I’ve not been bored. But there’s just so much going on isn’t there? The days are just flying by!

Drama even managed to find me during the first 3 weeks. After 3 days it disappeared. I hate drama. It’s just sooo ‘little people, little minds.’

Anyway…that’s about everything…Im in a kimono. I’m answering your ‘Ask me Anything’ questions on my insta story, every day. You can literally ‘ask me anything.’ I’ll skim and answer, because some are a little bonkers. Haha. (Cold showers for everyone.)

I’m gonna try and write a blog everyday. Don’t know if I will. I’m still loving life as an actress and a single mum. It rocks. I feel wonderful.

Ruby and Junior are currently glueing sequins to everything and Oh! Keith Lemon just dropped Ruby some ‘Quiche Lemon’ love on Twitter. She named her tea after him on Monday. 🙂

Hope you’re well. Catch me on Insta or Tweet me. (I’m not using my FB right now, at all.)

More blogs to come!

If you haven’t seen my poor attempt at the pillow challenge…it’s up on my Insta!

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