It’s been a glitzy swirl…

Well! This time THREE years ago I was enjoying the fruits of being in ‘hurty’ labour in Pontefract General Hospital, giving birth to my …obviously now daughter RUBY! I cannot BELIEVE that she’s made it to 3 in one piece. Yeah, she’s a little maungy, but most of the time…a delightful drop of joy. (When she’s not being ‘Diva-Hardcorer’ which is what she has chosen to be today. πŸ™‚

This is the face she pulled…


Before she officially..

*Blanked* me. πŸ™‚

But yes, i’ve had a weekend of weddings and children’s birthday parties to the point where it all seems like a fast spinning wine swirl that led into a very bright and yellow balloon festival. Everything within the last month has just been crazy…with my love life, the babies, the business, the parties, weddings, the surgery, a problem that I had at the beginning of the year…that I haven’t had time to breathe or think…It’s a year that I thought i’d spend hiding under a duvet, that got good, but then went ‘jiggy’ on me, to the point where ‘natural flow’ was all I could surf and with my eyes closed and fingers crossed.

All the excitement is now over. I’m equipped with a small neck scar, a daughter who is 3, more friends/family who are now married and in a better position when it comes to love…yet after today (which is Ruby’s actual birthday) i’ll be able to get back to normality, which for me will be THE EYELASH LINE! Hurrah! I was so excited for it all and still am, but it had to be shimmied under *pause* like I had told you previously, due to the usual happenings of Wunna land. I mean, I even STILL have giveaway gifts in my living room waiting to make their way to you. I need to do all this and from tomorrow…I can.

Give me my eyelash line. That’s all I want and need. I’m STILL at business plan stage and it’s annoying. Luckily, it can now be dealt with…until something ELSE dramatic rolls up and punches me in the glitzy face. πŸ™‚

But yes, I had a wonderful weekend and lots of fun. Bit odd that I can’t talk properly. But I looked good. Sort of. In a tired ‘looking good’ sort of way. I’ll tell you all about the wedding in the next blog, simply because this blog would be MASSIVE long and Monday’s are never good for massive long anythings. But yes, I’m soo happy that my sister in law Sharn and her lovely Husband Phil tied the not.

Great couple. Happy couple. Love them both madly. Tell you all about it in the next blog.

…this is the ‘Evening dress’ I chose to wear for the night do..(heavily publicized after Lucy ‘Meck’ rocked it..It’s better on than you think it’s gonna be. I adored it!



This is also the dress that i ended up launching my drink in someone’s face in. Ugh! But I don’t care whatever. If I ever have to act as such…it’s usually because they deserved it. Β *Wiggle-wink* πŸ™‚ I’ll tell you all about the wedding, in the next blog, yet i’m skipping out the bad bits and simply because the focus of the event was ‘love’ and the main thing is that a great married..and not only did i embrace it until the end, but I was honoured to be there. Sharn and I just get on well and because of that I gifted Her and Phil with champagne in buckets and Jasper Conran wine glasses.

Next day was Ruby’s birthday party. My gorgeous little bambino of chickalicious. It was quite hectic and quite hard as I didn’t feel too great and I couldn’t turn my neck fast enough…oh and I couldn’t talk as properly as I wanted to. BUT i was happy to firstly noticed my old school friend Kate Sykes face. I adore her because hes real and cynical, but a great mum. A strong woman. There’s lots of love in her. And she looked hot! Then super happy to find HARRIET, who face and presence simply comforted me immediately. It was just like I had been sent back in time to life where Wunna was ace and all was calm…fun…and delightful. Thank GOD she was there and my bosom buddy through it. We think the same and aren’t afraid to voice our minds. She’s a great friend and a great mum and it just felt good to see her again, as i haven’t in absolute donkies years…and it’s been rubbish without her. Therefore apart from Ruby turning 3…Harriet showing up was brilliance.

Here’s some piccies for you.

Daddy Pete…



Daddy Keiran…

Although mayhem…and because I really couldn’t do much without turning my head and being able to talk properly…(I looked really anti social) I’m happy that it went well.

I hope everyone had a good time and we all thank you SO MUCH for making Ruby’s ‘turning 3’ first ever party worth it. It meant so much to her. I mean she was quite shy and maungy at the party, but once she got home she was filled with life and excitement. I think she was just overwhelmed by it all…and it did seem like there was SO MUCH GOING ON. Noise, lights, play areas filled with children, balloons, bright, singing…shouting…all sorts…

I guess, it’s sort of bizarro as i’m sure the mums were wondering which one was ‘Daddy.’ lol. (Oh gosh Wunna! πŸ™‚ ) But, honestly and as weird as this may be, Pete and Keiran get on well with one another. It’s not hideous between them at all, no matter how rocky it may have been with me. I mean at the end of the shindig, all three of us found ourselves sat down having some random convo about love, Ruby and how we know drag queens now. It was nice…we laughed.

I’m still exhausted from my weekend affairs, so I’m resting up and getting ready for my thyroid follow up..check up…or whatever.

Tomorrow i’m getting back to today I gave up to Ruby and jigsaws. I mean when you’re a kid and you’ve just accumulated a whole bunch of toys…you sort of need to play with everything all at once.

OR Β if you’re Junior enjoy the fact that you get t eat ALL THE CHOCOLATE when your sister is out..

Junior literally has the best time.

I still feel really lucky. I’m a proud mum. I’m happy and grateful that the ‘winkles’ get to celebrate their birthday’s big time. I feel sexy. I love that i celebrated love. Weddings rock. I want to now get my success shoes back on. My work heels. I’m too old to go out clubbing. (I’m not made for it, i don’t think.) I’m recovering. S HAPPY to have re-met new fun with old friends. Loving the babies and currently sat with a bubble machine around me. #nojoke lol

Life is good. Still want my voice back though. #hohum



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