It’s all in a *wink*


Woke up at 7.45am, after accidentally falling asleep on the sofa, under a chandelier, with an untouched white wine spritzer by my side and a text from a journalist named Joe, who wanted to know my ‘Hollywood story’ for a popular British magazine, followed by an email from my publisher, who is mildy frustrated with me, due to technology getting the better of us. At 1.02am, i stirred myself up, locked my patio doors and slow tottered upstairs in order to indulge in my cream satin bed sheets, with my hubby to be and the glitzy fruit of my loins, who has accidentally become obsessed with a Primark pink ‘ellie’ named ‘Nellie.’ Nursery said that Rubes was the most ‘comedy’ baby they had ever looked after and because she side stepped with excitement like she was some kind of champion of the world, with an ‘out loud’ laugh…and because she was a drama Queen.

Yesterday was wonderful, but today i’m feeling stressed.Happy…but cock-eyed. (Which reminds me, i  slept in my contact lenses last night and woke up with everything being wonky.) Anyway…I’ve got a pile on of work to do and well i’m pretty much tango-ing with the art of ‘doing it all myself.’ I need an unwind, or a very big bottle of rum…with cocktail umbrellas and a lie down. Maybe just the rum would work? [Add bronzer here]

Keiran and I are on top of the world. I’ve never been so in love and well i can’t believe how lucky we are. After a bit of bonky yesterday on the sofa, we fell asleep in each others arms like there was nothing in the world more fairytale than us. Keiran is the man i have always dreamed of being with. He ticks every little box and well there’s not a moment that goes by when i feel madly in love with him. I LOVE IT! He makes me feel delicious.

On a more random note, i got lost in a field yesterday, that I thought was a public footpath? I followed it like a fool, in a giant beige faux fur and my dangly diamond earrings, thinking it would be some kind of shortcut, after trolloping over to feed my mothers cats…AFTER getting OVER CHARGED by a grumpy taxi driver who ‘accidentally on purpose’ forgot to give me any change. (Ruby is currently ‘giddy-uping’ on a pink rocking horse, in the middle of the living room, as Keiran does very loud horse noises, with the odd ‘yee-hhhaaaa!’ I adore Wunna land.)

But yeah, don’t wander down foot paths, unless you know it is a path for feet. There i was, dressed like a bimbo Asian Barbie, who was a ‘Miss.World’ wannabe, or should i say ‘Wunnabe’ ;)…in the of a never ending field FULL of dead crops and grass up to my little glitzy nose, with an ‘I’m sure this isn’t right?’ THEN a helicopter began following me, incase i decided to become troublesome in a crop field. I mean, i had my neon pink lace knickers on. Girls in neon pink lace knickers don’t cause trouble…we own trouble. *Wiggle-wink* I have no sense of direction. But i like that because it means i’m always driven everywhere. 🙂

Long story short, (add glitter here) i call Keiran from my field, who was on route back from ‘doing legs’ at the gym, to meet me for the nursery run. (I hope ‘doing legs’ does actually mean ‘working his legs out’ and not randomly going up to innocent people and dry humping their ankles?? I’m not a gym goer. I’m a wine drinker and a wiggler.) But yeah, i called him from my field and we decided to meet at the nursery. I back tracked, ended up having to walk through CHURCH grounds, surprised i didn’t burst into flames, read a few gravestones, and then like magic, my phone rang! I love being ‘saved by the bell.’ As moving as the gravestones were, there’s only so long i can exist in a place before the ‘glitzy’ gets the better of me and i wouldn’t have it any other way.

GREAT PHONE CALL! One of those where you end up galloping with glee through church grounds in Badsworth, as you scream down the phone and wait for your ‘handsome. Life really has gotten good for Keiran, Rubes and I…i really can’t wait for it all to ‘magic’ on down and I can’t believe how wonderful everything seems to be developing. I feel like a superstar!

Anyway bottom line, we’re gonna be filming very soon, as in two weeks approximately and well i’m so excited, i could burst.

Alongside that, i have my Fabulous mag interview, my book to launch, and now the show, WITH being a mum AND organizing Keiran’s big birthday surprise! I can’t wait.

Life and love is what you make of it. I do mine with a *wink*…and maybe, just maybe you should toooo! 🙂

Ps, I can’t believe that this time last week we were trying to raise money for the Radio Aire comp for charity…in wedding attire. lol We had no idea that this week our lives would yet again be changing. Amazing! Thank GOD, i’ve found my ‘forever.’ It makes everything else in life that little bit rosier.



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