It’s all gravy

OMG! I’m one kitty cat of exhausted much! I have spent the entire weekend working on my book and feeling great about myself for FINALLY emailing over a giant chunk of my well written life over to my Lit.Agent. I literally spent 12 hours on it yesterday non-stop, whilst baby feeding and trying to see under my eyelashes. By almost midnight (Very Cinderalla of Me,) I had put together 100 blogs and sent them through Cyber Land to the eyes of my agent. I haven’t a recieved a reply from her as of yet and I think I was shamefully looking for some kind of praise. Not an ‘oh you’re blog is amazing,’ kinda praise. Yet more a ‘Well done for actually sending something over finally!’ Infact even a ‘got it’ would’ve sufficed. I’m that desperate for my pat on the back! Gimme! Gimme! I can’t work without it.

I’ve worked on it all day today too! Well after going to view a property with my Mother, at noon. (I have a great mum. We do everything together.)  I’m wanting to purchase a house and i’m doing it by myself without the acknowledgement of Loverboy. I prefer to do big things by myself. Plus, it’ll be awesome when I get to burst through the door, in a hoochie dress, big hair, diamonds an dleopard print heels screaming, ‘I BOUGHT U

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