It’s all about the ‘Woooooing’

‘If the grass looks greener to you on the other side, it’s probably because the other side has taken greater care of their lawn, than you currently are, on your side of the fence.’

Quite a true statement. Right? Now, i’m a girl who never thinks the grass is greener on the other side and simply because it never ever has been. I’ve always loved my life, even when it has felt at it’s worst. I’ve been very comfortable in my life, no matter what’s happened and i’ve always felt comfortable within myself, like i’m a being to be celebrated. Maybe because i’m a self obsessed ego maniac. 🙂 Or maybe because even though externally i may at one time have seemed a glittery, over lip-glossed mess, i actually truely was internally whole. I’ve never felt unloved. I’ve been loved all my life and that’s something that i never take for granted, as i know a lot of people never had the luxury of having a fulfilled upbringing. Yet, as a youngster, i always searched for trouble to find the truth of my existance and feel like i had lived. Stupid really, as my parents loved, nurtured and worked hard, in order for me to never have to struggle..emotionally, mentally, financially, or physically. I wanted to feel the struggle anyway and now I will finally agree that curiosity DID kill the cat.

Now, lots of people see that as honourable. The whole wanting to adventure into life, to see pain, feel pain, hear pain…etc… I would claim it was a grand act of victory, as a 20 something because it was what I was doing a the time. (Like when a drunkard, a druggie, or a wife beater, attempt to justify their actions, instead of saying ‘i’m a mess, i was wrong.’ Oh and just in case if you are or have been any of them the first step on the road to recovery and making people understand that you are actually a decent person, under 20 feet of crap, is to admit fault and ask for help. If you have been any of the above and can’t do that…then you still have a problem. Which is still fine as problems are usually curable, unless you’re a complete and utter dire mess of a human already and you’re broken wire runs too deep.) Yet when you have it good, you have it good and you are very very lucky because hardly anyone, as it good like that. Imagine being so well nutured that you never would have to endure the horror of the world and only experience the beauty! What i’ve learnt (and it’s taken me 30 years) is that when you’ve been blessed enough to be given a healthy path, filled with love, light and glitter, you should never ever rebel against it and simply enjoy every moment of it. At 30…that’s what i finally do. Why on earth i fought it as a teen, i’ll never know? I think it’s because i always remember feeling sorry for people who didn’t have such a great start to life, that i subconsciously wanted to make sure they had an alright middle or end and if that meant me entering their life and aiding their pain momentarily (even if i had to take on the burden of it all) then i would’ve done something worthy in life.

Now, i’m older and wiser, i’m like ‘fuck that!’ 🙂 I have a daughter now and it’s my job to make sure she has the same childhood experiences i had! There’s no point to me gandering around with a random mission, where i just end up drunk, crying and dealing with some boy’s emotionally issues. My biggest mission in life make sure i’m always there for my glizty loin fruit and family. Why? Well because they are what matters and the ones that have never let me down, regardless to what trouble i may have caused. When you have it good, you never have to apologise for it and simply just celebrate it. If people entering your life are ruining the celebration of it all, curb kick them out your ‘fairytale’ until they’ve deserve a place to play with you. I’m usually quite tolerant if i care about people and not at all tolerant if i don’t. If i ever find people unworthy of Wunna-time, i can immediately drop kick them out of my land and keep them out forever. It’s a big world.

Life is good right now and i’m feeling much better now that i’ve managed to get out of the house and be around ‘Christmas.’ I’m currently flirting with a chai tea latte and getting ready to spend money for kicks of flutter. I still have no Christmas tree up and well i seem to be flash-backing a lot recently, which i never find jolly. 🙂

I was talking to a friend earlier, who wishes she could be woo’ed by a man, rather than taken for granted and it always makes me sad, because i feel men moan all the time, when they have to ‘woo’ a lady and ‘wooing’ can come in many forms, be it through romantic gestures, dinners, dates help at home, true love, words, understanding or gifts. I 100% believe that a man should always try to ‘woo’ a lady and because it means so much to us and they know that. Sometimes a guy will feel inadequate because he doesn’t have the funds to ‘woo’ you, so will usually blame it on the fact that they don’t believe in romance or you’re not worth them doing nice things for you. But ladies know, that no matter what they say, it is THEIR job, as a man to always make you feel ‘wooed.’ A lot of them complain because they believe that women should be ‘wooing’ them and well traditionally that’s not how it works. They are the hunter, we are the prey. I hate role reversals on that matter. I mean, i remember my father worked 7 days a week, earned a great deal of money, loved hard, tended to his children and still managed to make sure my mum felt adored every day, in every single way. He was always gentle, kind and loving, even when my mum was as feisty as she could be and he said it was because he loved her so deeply. Hence why in life, i’ve always maybe been less tolerant with the foolery of boys, because the example i had for love and being a man was a great one.

Now, i think about it, it must be hard to enter the Wunna family via the fine art of ‘Chrissie Wunna,’ and simply because and like my chick best friend said to me by a bonfire…the bar has already been raised so high, that dating me is rather challenging at its best. I’ve always said that women don’t need someone perfect, just someone who loves them, chreishes them, respects them and takes care of them.

But ladies, please do make sure your being appropriately adored, wooed and cherished. And gents, please do make sure you look at who you’ve chosen to be by your side, be it  forever, for right now, or for one dirty night and make sure you’re always doing your best to make her a smile.

In the words of Will Smith, a boy will always try and break a girl down in order to feel powerful, but a real man will be able to pick up the pieces and make her feel like the most treasured lady in the world.

Now here’s a bit of bling to sign off with a ‘oooh.’

Lots of love,

Chrissie x

ps/ It’s the Swarovski Crystal Pink Heart Lock  Pendant. Retailing at around ÂŁ100.

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