It’s all about the treats!

Had a hilarious day at work! OMG, i am loving every moment of it and loving that fact that life randomly planted me with a new lovely bunch of work colleagues. I’ve had fun…which is what i do best, after winking, celebrating and ‘good times.’ (Infact, both ‘celebrating & good times’ can be filed under ‘Fun,’ really? Meaning the only other thing i can successfully do is *wink.*)

Not only have Christmas discos 🙂 been organized, where the dress code may well be ‘Rubbish Crimbo Jumpers’…Thought of by the genius sandwich eating, farty bum himself ‘Matt’ (who also thought it was hilarious to tell half of the company that the ‘theme’ was ‘really slutty santas.’) I’ve also noticed how no a single being in wakefield, aside from maybe FOUR people, can actually remember their date of birth. It’s really not a difficult concept. It’s the day you where FUCKING born! Not only can they not remember their date of birth, but they can’t seem to beable to type it into a machine, followed by actually listen to a sequence of actions. I’ve never met a more hilarious bunch of lemmings! I mean MY BOOB alone, KNOW their own date of birth for crying out loud…AND they can even type!!! They remember pin numbers and everything. 🙂

Other than all that, and having great dress sense, laughing with a boy named ‘Russian’ (who likesmy mumma preggo boobs) and listening to ‘Ross‘ explain how he ventured into a public toilet, only to find an actual grown man, with his trousers AND pants, down by his ankles, with his ‘munchkin‘ on full show, whilst he pee’d. HAHAHA. Ross, who goes pink at the tiniest moments of ‘shydom,’ always seems to manage to walk into the most dirty gay moments of hilarity! I do actually love it! However, If i was a boy, i’d always party-pee in that manner AND  i’d be wanging it around, helicopter styly, like i owned Kenya. It sounds liberating…yes…but oh so MUCKY, you cheeky [add words here, that may suggest soiled idiocracy.]

Work is just like living in ‘The

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