It’s all about the ‘magic’

Well what a day! I’m finally home, fed and thankfully pussed out. Work was boring. I pretty much got told off for my apparent ‘lacksadaisy’ approach to my job, even though i’ve worked all day, non-stop and whilst everyone else checked out early. I’m not keen on being appropriately appreciated really. Lol. Who would be? Therefore, i’m deeply considering how much ‘yadda-yadda’ I actually need to kitty cat take right now and for really not much reward. *Glitter spritz here.* Having an ‘aren’t I Chrissie off the telly’ moment and didn’t I go back to day job work, after 2 weeks of having a baby? Hmm..?

Right now, i’m all excited about my book. I talked to the photographer today regarding my shoot and we discussed the ‘magic’ that i wanted the pictures to portray. Nice, doesn’t work for me. But ‘sexy’ does. I’m looking for deliciously yummy, typical ‘Wunna land’ luxury. Grand, but silly. Glamourous and addicted. It was hilariously because i was stood by bin bag and rat droppings, whilst both Brian and i agreed to the perfect pictures that make Wunna History. To me, the great shots are the ones that people can’t help but stare at an examine. The type that you find yourself having to keep and wish upon. Everything’s finally coming together and 5 years of blogging, will now certainly pay off! Thank the LORD!!!

Other than getting my priorities straight and my number one concern in life is RUBY. I’ve been loving every given moment with her and now feel a bit gipped by the time i’ve dedicated to work, that has sort of stolen my time with her from and for no real reason. I now thoroughly enjoy my showbizzy work and it accidentally has rocketted ahead. I’m not gonna have to worry to much about the pennies and i’m a Glamour Puss at heart, being granted with opportunity.

Pete and I are wonderful tonight. From the moment he picked me up from work, we’ve been lovely. I now play this (yes creepy) game  at home, with them (Ruby and Pete) called ‘Big baby/Little baby.’ Big Baby gets attention and has to wait until I’ve finished with ‘Little baby’ until he can have my attention again. And ‘Little Baby’ must trump, play with a felt duck or watch ‘The Tweenies’ whilst I tend to ‘Big Baby.’ It’s now a tamed circus. I’m really glad i have them.

My moving forward in life…and yeah, something tells me that wonderful things are about to happen. I have a flipping book coming out!!! YIPPPPEEE!!!!! *Happy dance* Don’t let the normalities of life make you become rutted in everyday circumstance. I’ve always been one to break away visciously from anything that is drowing me. I’m a being that has been blessed with the ‘magic,’ therefore now i’m sliding my options around, until it fits my wonder just right!

I bizarrely got my old Facebook profile back today. It got disabled about a year ago and because a ‘Fake Me’ had reported the REAL Me and it took Me an entire year, (due to baby making) to prove my actual identity. Today, i recieved a bit of Facebook love to my inbox, apologizing for the misunderstanding and with a ‘we’ve reactived your old profile’ I now kinda have two. (I don’t wait around. When it got disabled. I simply began a new profile. I’m used to the chop and change.)

On my old profile I had 492 friend requests awaiting me, 192 new inbox messages and a chat box bottom screen of ‘blip, blip, blip.’ It felt goood and was like one of those jolly of signs, sent to remind Me of My Greatness. Yep, i now feel all popular again. I’ll definitely let it go to my head. But sometimes and when ‘plain’ is trying to smother you. You kinda have to let it. 😉


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  1. That’s so cute about the Big baby/Little baby(adorable by the way) My husband is a big baby…it gets worse as the kids get older I have figured out! The more toys the kids get, the more he wants to play with the toys! My kids are 3 and 10 months-so fun to watch Big baby/Little babies play together!
    By the way love the picture!!!
    Have a wonderful day!!! 🙂


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