It’s all about the jiggery pokery!

Boiling. Delicious! Yet completely boiling. However, i AM enjoying every bit of my tender little Glamour Pussy life and mainly because everything is currently just the way it should be. I feel sexy, i feel fun and if you swirl that around like a cocktail in a confetti shower….you have my *giggle* that i call ‘life.’ (I’m at the library again…because i can’t help myself anymore and due to the fact that I still don’t have internet at home AND i’m getting a zit on my face, which is proving to not appreciate me very much…even if i politely conversate with it.)
Okay, so my handsome ‘hubby to be’ Keiran has been home over the last couple of days and it’s been WONDERFUL. We do keep going through patches of ‘drama’…due to other interferring, however when we decide to love and get on with it, within our delicious ‘too sexy for some’ ‘bubble’ ….our love is divine. We’ve had lots of laughter and ‘at home’ fun, over the last couple…consisting of love, tickles, piss- taking, bonking and wedding talk. Our relationship is certainly at it’s best right now (after a moment of misty ‘eww’ ) and well it’s uncanny to believe that we’ve been together for almost a year now!! Who’da thought we’d manage it!!?! Well actually we did…regardless as to what others may have believed. I remember our first date and all that we talked about. (I mean we had ‘marriage’ talk on day one…) It’s crazy! But i couldn’t be happier and because we’re back to ‘fairytale.’ We have 2 weeks and 3 days until the ‘knot’ is tied and we just couldn’t be MORE in love. It makes me happy. *Do a wiggle here.*
I’m on a last minute rush now to get everything sorted. Those of you who have your invitations need to RSVP asap…or we can’t feed you. 🙂 I’ve had a cheeky bit of playful love with the ‘hubs-to be’ and i’ve noticed that all he needs out of me, is to love him. I do anyway, so we’ve got nothing to worry about. There’s a side to him that only i can see and it’s weird to me how no-one else can tap into it. But i guess that’s why we’re so close. Even though he did tell me he was going ‘to spock me’ [don’t ask] and i had to tell him off, simply because i make him ‘do romance’ before anything kinky. I always say to him ‘talk to my face, before my boobs.’ He tends to get puppy dog excited about our sexytime, or simply just the art of giving me a grope by…well anywhere. (I like that he fancies me. It’s how hubbies should be.) So, during his time back we’ve embraced it. I adore rumpy with him…and because we’re both just really good at it, with one another. Lol. It’s playful and adoring and like he says, ‘just feels so different.’ There was a moment where i was letting him ‘judge’ the appropriateness of a mildy slaggy sailor girl outfit…(he’s not keen on me trolloping out in anything too revealing, if he’s not with me…but i like that about him, it’s sexy.) Anyway, he half okay’d it and so i treated him to a 5 second, pull off my sailor stockings leg, ‘fling it around his neck’ shimmie, with a ‘sit down’ wiggle. (If that sounds complicated to you,then you’re certainly not a Glamour Puss, OR you’ve totally chosen the wrong wife. 🙂 ) He did a face that was remarkably cute, like a little 5 year old, who had just been giving a lollipop. He’s one that adores it when I SHOW him that i fancy him. We’re both the same…so BINGO…lets get wed. *Vodka shot here?* We’ve had an amazing last 2 days.
So on Tuesday morning at 9am, we had to go and get our marriage license sorted. We failed, because Keiran didn’t have his passport. He didn’t know he needed it.  (His friend had it for his stag do…which is always bizarre. If there’s no wedding, there’s no stag do.) But anyway, The Gods shone down on us and well by 3.20pm, we marched back in and ‘badda BOOM’…it’s official…we’re doing the isle walk,with swagger! HURRAH! If we didn’t get it done on THAT day we actually would’ve been FUCKED. No joke. It was our last day to ‘give notice’ and well if we didn’t…legally we wouldn’t have been allowed to get married. (Nothing like playing with fire.)
The rest of the day went well. He’s got a great deal of stressy work on right now. But he’s a man who always wants to do well for both himself and I, which i regards as a wonderful quality. It’s hard for him right now. But luckily, he has 3 weeks off from Sunday and he has a bundle load of ‘at home’ support. (And support that cooks him pasta..with a naughty *wink.*) We’re gonna do well in life…and sometimes that takes a whole lot of work…AND the purchasing of lottery tickets. (Don’t know why, but as i’m writing this, i’m wanting to go to a fashion show. I haven’t been to one in ages. I miss them!)
My wedding diet is going well. I’m portion sizing and really wanting some skinnygirl wine to my pretty asian self. I’m a drinker and well it’s shit when you need to calorie cut. But i weirdly manage it?  However, saying that we got a bad news phone call last night..which made me eat ice-cream for comfort. It kinda put things into perspective for me and stressed the importance of having great people around you, as your representatives in friendships, as they can effect your situation and road to success massively. However, before that call and a bundle of tumble drying and salmon steaming in my new Mac bronzer, we actually recieved a GREAT call. You get what you get in life and you don’t get what you were never meant for. I’m a believer in that, even if it does make you feel better. So if you think you can…you can and if you think you can’t…you’re right! We’re doing fine and well after the wedding, i’m on full steam career push, with the book, the show and the grabbing of more  opportunities. I fancy myself as a bit of an entrepenuer and i’mhalf way there. We’re a very lucky couple and we’ve fallen into each other perfectly, via Cupid. My friends are supporting us massively, not a day has gone by where i haven’t recieved a gorgeous message from one of them, stating how much they adore both Keiran and I, and how perfect our love is. I bizarrely have a lot of people who respect me and my choices…and that is nothing short of wonderful. (Okay,now i really do need a vino.) PLUS, i’m noticing Keiran respecting my wishes a great deal more and that brings a smile to any little kittens face. I’m respecting him a lot more and that brings a smile to his face. I mean, he always has, but there are times where we both get narky with one another and perform toddler acts of rage. 🙂 We’re managing it appropriately and it’s working out for us.
Shit, i had so much to say before and now i can’t remember a single bit of it. I’m really excited for the wedding. There’s still so much to organize, but i know i’ll get it done. The venue is beautiful, the ceremony will be heart felt and well we get to have it on UK telly…so we’re very lucky to be in that situation and all because we love each other. I’ve sent last minute invitations out today..and we still have more to send..TWO WEEKS before the actual wedding! 🙂 #hellooqueenorganized. I’ve attempted to be a domestic goddess and failed. (Keiran sauntered into the kitchen to see what his wifey to be has cooked him. All he saw, was me… bewildered… by a kitchen counter, with spagetti that had FALLEN from a high cupboard onto me and all over the floor. It was that momentus.. that he decided to video it with a smile! Don’t hate girls…i get away with it, coz i have boobies. 🙂 ) I think I can only cook when i’ve had wine. Weird concept that works. I think ALL CHEFS are secretly pissheads, who have no idea that they’re making a meal, at the time that they are. They’re just chatty drunks, with a bit of salt and chicken and knives, who 20 minutes later, look infront of them, see that they’ve accidentally made a series of delicious foody delights, then feel a bit peckish and quite drunkenly feed it to OTHER people, with excitement. Plus, everyone knows cooking in white is a fashion ‘faux pas.’ Only the tipsy, would go for such an outfit…with navy chequered clown pants. 🙂 (Yes, i am bitter that i can’t cook. But nonetheless, i do and well it certainly gives the ‘hubby-to-be’ a boner. It really does. It’s bizarre. He sexy groaned at me yesterday, when i produced a bit of steamed salmon. I got ‘love’ in return as a thank you. Weird because after he bonks me…all i get is a wet wipe. 🙂 ) I love Keiran because he’s one of those men that has never false promised me. He wants the best for me and our relationship. He’s always been there when i needed him too. Been romantic without being prompted, made the right choices even when you would think he wouldn’t and been a man who loves me always, even when we’re figthing. Plus, he appreciates my rubbish arms. I went to the supermarket yesterday and over bought on ‘heavy items.’ He had to come pick me up simply because i couldn’t carry the bags. 🙂 *Diva much*  My  little asian arms suck! They’re only good at Queen waving, and hooking onto opportunites.
Anyway, i do need to go, as i need to get back to watch ‘Real Housewives..’ I’m really happy. Infact over the moon. I’m focussed on both love AND career. (The career will kick in after the wedding.) I’m doing my ‘do’ and understanding what life is about. I LOVE BEING ME and I’m grateful for every moment i have right now and mainly because it’s all a delight. I hate it when it’s shit. I can’t wait to get all groomy for my wedding. I’m dolly up and diva-ing it. Yeah baby!
Okay, i’m off! Stay tuned dollies. I love you.

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