It’s all about the ‘bling’

Okay being Chrissie Wunna is a bizarrely magical thing when one has been proposed to by a ‘Handsome’ who looks at her and wishes to call her ‘Wife.’ Now it’s not bizarre in the name of ‘love’ for Miss.Wunna, due to the fact that all that matters to the little Glamour Puss is that she gets to romantical adventure through life with a man who was not only brave enough, yet also equipped enough to take on ‘The Wunna.’ (My friends have always said only the ‘strongest man alive’ will be able to handle me, marry me and make me his own.)

Now, when you have a blog and i remind you that this little bit of bloggy bloggster is read on EVERY continent of the world, translated into 40 different languages and is absorbed by many a bored, or maybe even excited being of the world, be they young, old, gay, straight, boy, girl or donkey…(people always forget that part when they have a peeky into Wunna Land, with their cuppa tea and Iphone.) Well, when you have a blog and you’re an entire Glamour Puss AND you have a gent who has just asked you to marry him. EVERYONE gets excited and EVERYONE gets involved.

I swear in my life, it’s been so tremendous and deliciously bizarre, that i find myself standing back and letting everyone else do all the work. Lol. All my friends (who i adore so dearly) have Googled and searched and made appointments at jewellers, forwarded me photos of *bling* and truely got involved (at my request) with love and excitement, like they are a part of the magic… a part of our love. It’s cute. I’m sort of watching everyone around me fill up with ‘engagement’ excitement and it’s amazing. They’re living the romance with us, which comes in handy when i’m still trying to attempt the art of ‘snapping out of it.’ I’m really rubbish at the picking and the being responsible part of it all…i’m just overwhelmed with lovage for my little ‘Handsome Keiran’ and i’m still bimbo-ing around on Cloud 9. It’s hard focussing the bits of material ‘look how much he loves me’ stuff, when you’re in actual love. All i want is Keiran/Chrissie for a moment, where nothing else matters but us. However, now i’m Googling rings, i’ve gotten really excited about it all…thanks to my gorgeously kitty cat Kelly. Her face lights up with excitement when it’s ‘Google’ time and if i love anything, i LOVE doing that to people. 🙂 At the end of the day, i’m a Glamour puss, it’s naturally installed in me to love a bit of bling that symbolizes a mans dedication to you. *Wiggle-wink*

That’s not the weird thing. My chick friends loving it and getting all excited is normal. However, like i said when you’re me and you have a little blog…you have people all over the world emailing you photos of rings that they think i would adore and need. Lol. I’ve had people from all over, be they in Hollywood, Alaska, Germany, Thailand, London, France, Hawaii and India…ALL inboxing me piccies of ‘bling’ that they would adore ‘The Wunna’ to adorn. It’s AMAZING.

Yet i will tell you that i found out that the i’m not at all as materialistic as i thought?? I mean gone are the days when i had to plunge my hand into my own wee, down a toilet bowl to pick up my Tiffany bracelett. Lol. I love what an engagement ring symbolises and i certainly don’t want to get gipped out of my moment…it will sort of feel sexy thinking that i finally belong to a ‘handsome.’ (Oh and for all of you who are shocked. Don’t be. I mean my best friend ever Wazza, has NO IDEA on this earth as to why ANYONE who actually knew me, would be shocked by my quick engagement announcement. He Tweeted me today with a ‘Don’t they even KNOW you :)’) Plus, he LOVEs going to my weddings, they’re always a marvel.

I will tell you that the best Wunna engagement ring suggestion i was lucky to come across, was from a lady in a gym who told me that i had to go to a car boot sale to find one and simply because [do ya best Yorkshire accent here] ‘there are some riiite deals on tha go.’  Infact, she went on to say that when she dumped or got dumped by her partner, she pawned off her ring and managed to get enough money for it to treat the kids to a KFC. 🙂 I love it. HAha. The lady claimed that she would always remember the day, because it was magnificent. Especially because she got £50 for the next ring she pawned and took everyone out for a McDonalds. Lol. AMAZING! Then i have my office chica doing the exact opposite and Googling rings that range from £30,000. Poor thing. It’s like we’re under pressure to perform. Hah.

I’m starting to feel a bit bad now for him having to purchase ‘bling.’ I really do need to summon my inner ‘gimme gimme,’ but for some strange reason i just can’t?



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