It’s All About ‘Nine’

Went to watch ‘Nine‘ today at the cinema. I’m not really a cinema kinda girl, because i like to be in the comfort of my own home when watching a movie. I’m not sure why? Maybe because you have control over it, and you don’t have a dark room of people half watching you and half watching the film. I mean, ‘going to the movies’ is not a first date i enjoy either, unless i know the boy really well already. I like dates that are walks, casual dinners, or at peoples homes. But anyway, i’m getting distracted…Today going to the cinema was AMAZING!! I loved it!

I went to X-scape, Pontefract (i’m still up north and venture back to London in a few days) with my Mum to have a watch at ‘Nine.’ I’m into the whole musical film kinda thing and well it looked raunchy. (As we all know, i’m rather into a bit of good old ‘raunch.’) As soon as we walked in, we kinda got the 10 star treatment. Everyone was staring, loving and giving me hugs (which i adore…attention, attention, attention) and well two delicious boys (i think one was Gay) who worked at the maroon t-shirts and black caps, gave me a greeting of  ‘OMG… you’re off Paris Hiltons BBF.’ They were so adorable, so i gave’em a bit of a Wunna ‘show.’ I mean i loved them. I think one of them was called ‘Danny.’ Lovely lovely baby blue eyed boy. Anyway, as i hair tossed off to grab popcorn, with Mummy dearest, news travelled fast around the theatre. It made me feel all ‘special’ and actually excited to be there! I know i’m sounding tragic,  but i DO love it. I mean how can you not?? My mum loved it too…but then told me to quit talking like ‘Mickey Mouse.’ Oh and also at certain movie theatres you can get a special VIP box, so you don’t have to watch the movie with the crowd and can actually be served beer, by a waitress. (I didn’t do that! There was no-one in the screen 8,  but scattered couples, which i loved. We kinda had the whole dark room to ourselves.)

‘Nine’ is the most WONDERFUL movie EVER, if you are a performer, an artist or in the entertainment industry, with a ‘madness‘ and imagination so deep, that you are only whole when you are being creative. I have that madness, a deep deep madness, that i don’t hide well, therefore I completely loved the movie. I don’t just want to perform, because I want to be a star. (And don’t get me wrong, i do want to be a star.) I want to perform and entertain,  simply because I can’t help it, and i cannot live without it ( i’ve tried.) It eats away at me…it controls me…it’s a psychotic disturbing desire in me. (God, i’m such a drama queen.) When i’m not doing it, i go insane and begin to hobby boys out of boredom, or i become deliciously destructive. (Which reminds me, i have a great deal of ‘boy’ loose ends i need to tie up.) My different men have been my muses in life. I’ve only been in love twice. I’ve had hundreds of boyfriends. Why?

Anyway, the movie was provocative, raw and and drenched with a playful sexual ‘ooh laa.’ Infact, that’s how i like to describe myself. If i ever wanted to be in a movie. I would want to be in THAT one. A marvel, it was! Full of everything i adore. Glamour, madness, story lines, nudity, great great actors and ‘Oooh laa.’ Best movie ever. Go see it!

Afterward, i pranced into the loos in my fur and as i locked myself in a stall, a group of about 3 girls giddily shuffled in, and began talking about Me, not knowing that i was actually doing a BIG wee behind one of the merry doors. I got really nervous and had to try and judge when i thought they were each behind a merry door too, so that i could sneak out without them seeing me. I mean, they didn’t say anything bad at all. Infact, they were rather complimentary. Yet i figured, if i was secretly talking about someone, i wouldn’t want them to suddenly appear, in fur, eyelashes, and behind a swung open toilet door, with a ‘Yes i AM GREAT, aren’t I!!!’

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