It’s All About Crimbo

The next morning was magical. I woke up to the fruit of my loins, all ten months of her, hitting me in the face and wanting to venture downstairs out of boredom. Keiran (bless him) was still more than knackered, so let the poor man sleep, as Rubes and I ‘did’ Christmas…a very EARLY Christmas. *Ouch*

I’m going to cut the boring, ‘ooh’s and arrs’ out and tell you that my baby bit of joy, doesn’t really get Christmas yet, however luckily compltely understands GREED and the art of ‘GIMME GIMME!’ I waddled her down, half on, half off, and showed her what goodies the world had granted her. We had a living room filled with ‘ball pool’…a Rocking horse, a giant over priced Hello Kitty kitchen and prezzies under the tree, awaiting the arrival of ‘Daddy Bear’ Keiran. (Who finally wandered down all eager and mildy sleepy.)

It was magical. Infact, so magical that Keiran claims we should do Christmas EVERYDAY. Erm..hello bank balance? I’d be fricking bankrupt. We both sat infront of the Christmas tree and handed each other a gift to open. It was all cute and ‘family-like.’ Any man that knows to buy me faux fur, is the right man for me. 🙂

Anyway, if we do anything in our household, it’s always over the top and showy. We WANT to be impressive and we WANT to do everything the best way EVER…in glitter, boobs and spray tans (….shit i’m totally forgetting to mention all the great sex we’ve been having. We have an AMAZING sex life. Just add *had sex* at the end of each paragraph, in order to gte the full effect of a ‘Wunna-Thompson’ Christmas)

Christmas was kind to us and we were gifted with D& G watches, an ipad, Lamborgini thrill rides, Wine school, clothes, Prada wallets, make up, Harvey nics vouchers, faux fur galore, mittens, boys toys and Penguins. (He got me an ipad!!!!! I have the best hubby ever. I don’t think i’ve ever been treated this ‘Princess-like’ ever! He’s a keeper.)

Anyway, i made Christmas dinner, (yes i fucking cooked it) we laughed, loved and enjoyed. Ruby decided to enjoy our prezzies more than her own..and then tottered off to do Xmas twice over with grandma, then Pete…for prezzie overload.

Keiran and i had drinks, then ventured off to a friends for more drinks…

To be continued…*Add sex here* 😉

(Ruby and her prezzie opening. Remember that cymbols for minors are never ever your friend Mums. A total M.I.L.F fail.)


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  1. The thought of your thrilling sexcapades has me hooked! Once again, Wunna has not disappointed. Hope you’re having a fab christmas break x


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