It’s a lovely day today!

So we made it to church going Sunday and hopefully we all made it safely. Well i did, and since this is my site, i guess thats all that matters?? haha. Anyway, last night i was in ‘sad mood barbie mode’ as i had said something really mean to someone, about someone very dear to them, (just because i was in a pissy mood) and the following morning… after i was quite thoughtlessly mean, and not ‘funny’ mean, the subject of which i was mean about…sorry if this isn’t making sense, well…lets he say ‘shuffled off this mortal coil,’ to more peaceful pastures. Can you believe it??

Therefore, i watched ‘High School Musical 1 &2,’ (to cleanse the soul, then i remembered it wasn’t cleansing at all, as ‘wears more make-up than me, whilst gallopping through fields’ Zac Efron and little innocent ‘publicised naked pictures,’ Vannesa Hudgens, actually have dirty rotten porno sex in real life.) I felt mucky afterward..hahaha. It was HOT, but i cried. So i sent the person i had been mean about , my sincerest blessings, had a vodka and lime in a dirty glass, listenned to songs that reminded me of ‘good times’ and decided to from now on be a better person, to work hard to make my dreams come true, love as hard as i possibly can, not pass judgement and to not take anything for granted!!

Oooh it’s a lovely day!

So to all my dearest subjects who are reading this blog, and enjoying my pictures, ( and i thankyou for that!!) Please do at least to be nice to as many people as possible today, love those that you’re supposed to love, BE HAPPY and work hard to set a decent foundation for the rest of your lifey! Oh, and life like a champion too…you might aswell, be boring otherwise. I’m certainly gonna try! Do what you love to do, and it will love you back!

6 thoughts on “It’s a lovely day today!”

  1. Strange that HSM2 was shown on TV over Easter, but I recall HSM1 being
    shown on TV prior to that. At least not on any of the 5 main TV channels.

    And yes, I too have seen Miss Hudgens’ naughty pics. (Who hasn’t?!?)
    Eitherway, (IMHO) she isn’t even nearly as gorgeous as you Chrissie.


  2. Oops … I’ve spotted a typo in my previous message. I meant to say
    that I don’t recall HSM1 being on TV prior to the showing of HSM2!

    I type too quickly sometimes!


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