It’s A GIRL!!!!

Loverboy and I ventured to our ultrasound gender scan at 6pm today, after watching Olympic standard gymnasts drop balls and commit to ‘russian hat dance’ spins. Whenever they do an impressive gymnastical move…i always claim that i have performed such a move, when drunk, and far better than that particular gymnast, in sequins AND with neon ribbons!! Then we realized we were late, could no longer have our ice-cream, had to rush to Tescos in order to find the finest bottle of Port for my daddy (it’s his birthday tomorrow) and get to the Insight Medical Ultrasound clinic, at Xscape, in 10 minutes FLAT!! (The clinic is AMAZING. A million times lovelier than what the hospital provided for Pete & I. For starters, it’s inside a gym…which means sweaty, HOT, musclebound Handsomes…EVERYWHERE. I even want to WORK there!! Then that was accompained with the most gentle and pleasant spa like Ultrasound ever. Mood music and everything. It was all calm, dimly lit den. I could’ve had a massage in their by elves..i loved it.)

Okay, we got to the scan, with about a minute to spare. Pete was already late for work. But i don’t care…i’m having a baby…his work can wait. I like that Loverboy has been really involved with the pregnancy, whole heartedly. He’s been at every appointment, blood test, scan and meeting. It makes me feel safe and like i’ve picked a decent ‘other half.’ (Which, if you know me…makes a giant change.)

All day he had been a bit ‘off’ in my mind. I don’t know whether it’s money problems, stress, or scan fear. But he was certainly loving…(as we ate creamy pasta) but terribly distant.

When we got into the room and i laid on the couch, it immediately felt amazing. I was terrified, because that’s what quietness does to me. I don’t enjoy silence. But i soon felt at home. Then after going through the ‘getting my belly’ out procedure, that i seem to have to do quite a lot these days, (i’m now getting my lower half out, instead of my top.) Then i laid calmly on the couch, as Pete sat down on the chair next to me. The gender scan…began… [I was terrified.]

We couldn’t have had a more LOVELY sonographer. (Lady who does the scan.) I felt soo cozy within minutes and like she completely understood me. We all watched my baby move around, play and *yawn* in my uterus. I love that it *yawns.* It’s already tired of all the attention. It’s a DIVA! It always knows when we’re looking at it an plays up to the camera endlessly! I ADORE MY CHILD!!! It just looks at me, all gentle and cute like i’m it’s mummy…and it’s not even out my belly yet!

Anyway, a lot of time was spent in basic awe of my *bumps* every tiny move. The scan lady, really did us proud. The actual machine she used was soooo much BETTER, than what i had seen before at Ponty hospital. I did what i always do, and move my eyes to my left to ‘sneaky peeky’at what Loverboy was up too. He didn’t hold my hand this time because he had his OWN scan screen. I watched him. Five minutes into it, he had filled up with emotion and well let the experience get the better of him. He looked amazed, looked like he was about to break down and cry, pretty much seemed taken back by the whole thing and well he was the most emotional i had ever seen him at a scan. (Probably because this time the experience seemed more real.)

Okay, so the moment comes when it’s time to find out if i’m having a baby girl or a baby boy! I get TERRIFIED all of a sudden. Yet only because the room went silent again, as the lady looked in all the right places, to see what she could see! (God, i’m finding it really hard to write my blog right now, because my MOTHER is talking at me for attention the whole way through it. UGH! Helloooo….i’m trying to write much! You CAN see!)

I breathed, i looked infront of me, as i laid on my back all nervous. I never look at the screen, when i feel scared. Infact, i looked at Pete. He looked anxious, yet perky. He had 88% got it into his head that we were having a boy. EVERYONE had! I wanted a girl. However, like the masses for some reason believed i was birthing a gent!

After what seemed like  10 minutes, followed by a double check and a triple check. The lady looked at Me and confidentally, with a smile on her face said…(with a face that wanted to see if we were ready) ‘It’s a girl!’

I’m having  BABY GIRL!! OMG!!! I was in complete shock. Infact, i still AM!!! I can’t believe it. It’s made such a difference knowing the gender of the bump. It’s made everything complete and worthwhile….like we’re actually real life parents…and TO A GIRL!!! OMG!!! I LOVE IT!!!

We were given the most beautiful set of pictures (she gave us extra for having such a photogenic baby) and in pure out of body experience *shock,* we paid our fine pences and with love for everyone around us galloped out of the clinic like we had just discovered one of the most amazing thing ever!

Then i FELL! (Hahahah…) I properly fell on my BUM, due to me being preggo and in heels on slippery surfaces. Pete didn’t even catch me due to pissing himself. I looked all fat and tragic. Maybe my ankles were like ‘fuck this weight…i’m giving in!’ I had just found out the sex of my upcoming child and already…i was falling and almost damaging it.

I am currently OVER THE MOON!!! I wanted a girl. I’m getting a girl. I have a baby girl in my belly. A whole vagina, boobs, and everything living inside me! OMG…i am amazing. I now have an heir to my throne. A lady to TAKE OVERmy land of Glamour pussy greatness. I will teach her how to *wink-pout-glide-strut.* I get to dress her up like a

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