It’s a coming together…

Well heeellllooo, my little drizzles of ‘mucho mucho’ Mummy love. What a weekend! I mean, i can honestly say that i’m in a rather GREAT mood today, which makes a delicious change to my usual ‘having to do Monday’ bully-shiiitoo, so i’m gonna embrace it, and go with the whole ‘happy’ thing and why not i’m a dolly with an accidentally ACE life…i’m loving it, therefore join me.

Okay, so Friday i managed to get out of work early, due to my AMAZING ‘handsome’ the ‘can do’ man of my dreams making a phone call and getting me a green light of freedom. NOW ANY MAN, that can get you out of work early by calling your boss and making him submit to his own powers of suggestion is a keeper! I love that about Keiran. He (like Moi) knows how to get what he wants fearlessly. Like i can properly rely on him to ‘get the job done,’…and with a swagger. I finally have what i will call a champion ‘other half’ who i’m actually impressed by. We’re deadly similar and are therefore uncontrollable and unstoppbale. There’s no getting past my *wink* or his *charm*…add my baby Ruby to the equation (who is my ultimate WORLD of amazeballs…God i love her) and you’re all pretty much f*****! The combination’s far too delicious for you fight. Then if we add ‘good hair’ to all that, you really are done for, you’ll be eating out the palm of our hands.

Infact, if i’m honest Keiran and I fought all Friday night, due to our stubborness. We have the exact same strop of firecracking passion. He got upset because after wine, i told him about some random footballer who was hitting on me. I’m one of those foolishy honest kitty cats. I’ll tell you all about me, even if i shouldn’t. He didn’t like it…it hurt his feelings, (Keiran Loves hard) and well we had a bit of a juicy bicker. 🙂 A BIG ONE! Now our bubble of love is usually always romantic. We have an amazing bond, an amazing relationship. It’s on another level to most others in love and because we have an unbreakable, TO DIE FOR bond, that cannot be put into’s electric.

Anyway..and because of that bond, we made up immediately and BOY did we make up. 😉 I laid in bed with him that night, spooning him and I remember thinking that i couldn’t BE with a better boy. I felt lucky to have him and knew it was my duty to look after him emotionally. We laughed about it next morning. Infact, Keiran has this random *buzz* of enegery running through him and the moment that we made up, he felt alive again, it tingled through him madly. He grabbed my hand, whilst we were naked in bed, placed it on his heart and said ‘I can feel it again. We’re back.’ It’s magical, we’re living a fairytale.

From that point on we we’re back to soaring on Cloud 9 MADLY, playfully and in love. We had an AMAZING DAY! We lunched, cuddled and made our world worth it. Then i went  home to my little baby Ruby. My world could not be better. I feel like i have almost EVERYTHING. (I always say ‘almost’ because its good to want more, when you’re young and still blessed with a *wiggle* in ya walk. :)) *Grabs faux fur, kicks you out of her bubble*

Long story short, we went to a beautiful lunch together, talked about romance, had wine, laid in the sun, followed by a trip to the park to sit in the gardens. We enjoyed dinner, chilled at New Miller dam, cuddled, held each other like nothing else mattered in the entire world. We have a bubble and when we’re in it, we hate anyone else trying to *bounce* in. I’m always impressed by Keiran and it’s been a looong time since a guy has ever impressed me. I am the luckiest kitten alive.

We had the best ex ever. He told me how much he loved me. (He got his first ‘Wunna Blow job. Lol.) Then we laid on the rug, on the floor infront of his fireplace, cuddling and tending to the magic, that is ‘the bubble.’

Other than all that, (and remember that my laptop i currently fuckeds, meaning i can hardly type on it, without it conking out.) I’ve managed to have a fight. I’m feisty and outpoken and i’ll never let anyone ever THINK that they are ever gonna get away with attempting to ‘push me around.’ My outfit alone trumps their life, so it really is a futile battle. My Gay Friend ‘Adam’ is hilarious walking ‘The Great Wall of China’ right now for charity. I love it mucho. Makes me laugh. He called to tell me that his apparent’ Challenge of the Day’ was to have his picture taken with a different Chinese person a day? Not being funny or anything but how is that a CHALLENGE when you’re in CHINA?? I told him that having his piccie with a ramdon Jamaican person, a day…in China would be more ‘Blue Peter badge’ worthy! LMAO. Or a ‘Chrissie Wunna lookalike.’

I’m being in love. My world is perfect. I’m completely and UTTERLY enjoying being a MUMMY right now and i’m quite keen to mother an AMAZING family. I’ll rock a family of baby Diva’s. Ruby is PURRFECT. I’ve finally managed to ACCIDENTALLY have everything i ever wanted. My book’s in publishing. I’m waiting for a release date. I have an interview with a journalist in New York, in regards to my apparent kitty cat achievements and my blog.  I shoot for my calendar, home life is goodie, love life is a marvel, work is easy, i have great hair 🙂  and well Life is all coming together and dollies i have NEVER been happier. (Infact, yesterday i was in a meeting pretending to listen, but actually BBMing little George sampson, about life. I love our random bits of life that we do together. I’d look up every once in a while, pull a ‘diva’ face, agree to things…Lord know what and then continue bbming. I@m like a child. But fit. 🙂 )

Y’know, the good thing about life is that once in a while and in the middle of the ordinary, love pops up and gives us a fairytale. I’m celebrating mine. ENJOY yours!! I see far too many broken people refusing to let it in, or just people you know are far too emotionally injured to be likeable. They don’t have the secret to life and that’s why kitty cats of the ‘Wunna’ variety get ahead. I LOVE BEING ME and there’s nothing ANYONE can do about it, but watch. 🙂 *Giggles*


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