It was just a mucky kebab.

Feeling much better today. Getting up and going to work isn’t as diffioso as it was yesterday. Last night, i had one of those pointless barneys with Loverboy. One where i decided to bicker because i’m tired and he dismisses the conversation, by blanking my moodiness and filing it under ‘I’m not going to talk to you, if you’re going to be mean annoying for no real reason.’ ( I kept calling him immature…when really i was as immature as can be. I sometimes hate it when he won’t argue with me. Often being too passive can be annoying to a Wunna. I wanted passion and not a simple, ‘i’m too mature and sane to argue with you, because i love you.’ UGH! Boo to the good kind of mature, sane, love! 🙂 Being stable and feeling safe with a boy who adores me endlessly, is something i’m not used to. I’m still learning but secretly loving it.

We had just got back from the hospital after visiting his grandma on Ward F at Pinderfields. A ward filled with old ladies, well into their 80’s (I do mean 80’s as in ‘years old’ and not as in ‘side pony, blue and pink eyeshadow and Wham on in the background.’) I had never seen anything so heart breaking. I walked passed a stream of beds, each with a broken boned elderly lady laid in it, asking for help, with their eyes. They looked so helpless and drained. I smiled, i ‘Hello’d’ and then this weird ‘ooze‘ of awfulness surged through me and i just had to kinda of nervously, yet politely do a ‘head down happily’ saunter…with a smile by each bed swiftly. (Code for: I rudely ignored everyone.) If i was honest, i thought that the grannies that we’re ‘not all there,’ a bit fruity and drugged up, would shout something abusive or racist at Pete & I… so i scurried past in my fur. (I’m just being told that my friend ‘Personal trainer Matt’ dreamt that he had a threesome with me and Alexandra Burke last night. Apparently, she wouldn’t kiss him, yet I was my delicious ‘up for it’ WHOREY self….and with a preggo belly. 🙂 He is also saying ‘It’s not like i go home and think about you all the time Chrissie!’ We all know he has a Wunna shrine.)

Apart from all that, ‘Ross‘ feels ill from eating a ‘mucky kebab.’ Him feeling sick has NOTHING to do with booze, drugs or swagga….just a mucky kebab…that he snorted. 🙂 ‘Matt’ has travelled to work from London this morning and managed to WIN £40 on scratch cards today!! He also held his mouth up to my ear whilst consuming a Terry’s Chocolate Orange choccie. Claire has recieved slutty secretary glasses from santa and is slowly sauntering around looking far too delicious for her own good, whilst bending  over photocopying machines and pouting whenever possible, with her ‘wish i had it’ bum. And Lucy, Bex & I have had our nails done. You can tell a great deal about a girl by what she chooses to do with her nails. All of us went with extensions, fakery and sparkle. Meaning we’re girls that like MORE, have a front and do it in glitter. Bex’s nails are Black with glitter upon them. Lucy went with Purply Glitter tips and i ofcourse went with HOT PINK slag nails, WITH silver glitter ontop! They almost glow in the dark! 🙂

Then we talked about how horny our boyfriends are. Lucy’s ‘handsome’ is one who doesn’t enjoy too much of the good old sexytime. Bex’s ‘handsome’ is horny ALL of the time. Loverboy, is mixed raced so when we do indulge in a bit of *rumpy pumpy* it’s dirty. 🙂 We have ethnic sex…as i like to call it. However, we haven’t been too sexually active during my preggoness and simply down to the fact that i don’t find myself sexy when rubbing my father Christmas belly. (‘Oooh do you like it like that Big Boy.’ KILL ME) Weird though because even though we not having as much ‘panky’ he’s still managed to give me groinal itchies. *Wink-Pout* Delicious!

Okay, i’m going before i think i’m being funny when i’m really just being smutty! Pete and I have made up even though i was still evil to him, for no reason this morning, whilst buying last minute contact lenses in Wakefield, after i was FORCED to sleep in yesterdays pair. Waking up being able to see is horredous! He thought i was grumpy because i had no food in my system as he bought a River Island hat. Instead of hating me for being a grumbling little doll factory, he dropped his Glamour Puss off at work and then came back 10 minutes later with a bag filled with Preggo foddie like treats. Awww…! You can’t be mean to a ‘Handsome’ like that. I adore him for doing everything right..but only when i don’t expect him too. (Infact, when i’m mean to him, he wakes up and starts being romantic. Learn it girls!)

Okay, really this time i’m off…with my hotpink, glittered nails! I love you. I can’t breathe properly through my nose and i’m emailing a gent who is wrongly using my images to promote himself and his little sex trade industry! Disgusting!

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