It just can’t get any better….

Feeeling adorable today. The sun is out. I’m brimming over with a cheeky ‘joy joy-ooh’ and i don’t think i’ve ever felt happier in my life, than how i feel right now. I think that previously, i was surrounded by a dilly dally of pretentious beings, who sort of drained the life, the money and the ‘footing’ out of me. Now i’m surrounded by real love, warmth and a yummy bundle of laughter and heart. It’s deeply positive and exactly what any kitten needs in life, in order to be a successful human being. When you are successful at being a ‘human being’…only then are you able to become successful at whatever your heart desires in life. If i’m honest, since leaving London…my life has completely pulled together deliciously, to a point where i now, can’t even fault it. My career is on a high, my home life is warm and loving and well my love life…is  pretty much the best any little Glamour Puss with a wiggle and a winky could ever wish for…but more on that later. I feel like i’m living a fairytale. *Does a giddy, happy, scream.*

Woke up this morning and had to take pain killers. (Always fun.) It was mildy hilarious and for once it had nothing to do with a hangover. I felt ridiculously chipper, but had the belly ache of a buzzling beast. I couldn’t even move. I just sort of rolled around, ‘ooohing and ouching’ like a eyelashed dolly, in cupcake pyjamas. I sort of flopped my arm over, to feel around my bedside table (which is pink) and i couldn’t find a painkiller anywhere? As if, I don’t have pain killers with me AT ALL times!!  However, luckily i did pick up one chandelier diamante earring, a piece of chewing gum, a clip in hair extension, a medal and then i found a plastic blister packet of Panadol extra. Woohoo! Popped two! Leapt out of bed like the happiest munchkin of ‘ooh’ ever. After that there was no stopping me, i took on the world with a Va Voom and a *giggle.* I love my life and i need you to love yours to. No matter what… YOU are fabulous and don’t you forget it…not even when tipsy.

Today has been dedicated to writing my book. I AM writtng one..and doing it myself. I’m learning to be way more disciplined. Right now, i’m only taking breaks to turn on a cutsie pop song and shimmie around to it. That’s a major improvement. Before, i’d just leave and return two days later with a hangover and a bag full of phone numbers. I’m doing well kittens!! I’ve found my way! At the same time, as all of that, i have been having a makeup consultation, to find the exact right colours to fit how the NEW ME is a feeling. I’m still sexy and sassy, but just a great deal happier now that i’ve made the correct changes, in my life. (If you don’t like something in your life…change it…and fast.) I’ve also had the priviledge of creating a new delicious shoot that i’m going to be doing…for my own Picture Book. I’m quite creative and i know how i want to look and want to be…and i realize that there are a lot of different sides to Me…which i guess is what makes me and any other being interesting? I don’t try to be interesting because i’m not 18, i’m 29. At 29 you know who you are and can completely love it, live it and laugh at it all. I’m told i’m naturally just an interesting being and well i’m enjoying every moment of it.

On a bit of a bad note, 4 different boys have tried to manipulate me today, which really just pisses me off. I mean, it must be awful being a boy, because you can’t wink and wiggle or anything? I had one gentlemen, who i thought would know better, hate on ‘Loverboy,’ simply to attempt to win my heart…which works if you live in ‘Opposite world?‘  If you have to knock someone down in order to make yourself look halfway desirable…then your waaaaay behind in the school of life. Infact, i just got off the phone to Jonny who tried to do that to me. He does it to everyone, because he has a lot more to learn about life. (But the good thing is that Jonny is a very transparent being, if you are older than him. He’s like a 5 year old trying to trick an adult, with mindless jiggery pokery.) Anyhow, Jonathan enjoys to tell me that i’m not attractive…half jest, half bitter, in order to attempt to wind me up. Therefore i pointed out…quite nicely that no decent person i know, who is actually secure would ever, ridicule the way another being looks for no reason. Right? I’m only telling you this because if you’re a young girl and someone does that to you ( i get a LOT of messages from teenage girls on a daily from all over the world, who go through this..)…make sure you have a really good look, at the person who is ridiculing your look, your life, your whatever it may be. You’ll notice that they really aren’t in a position to be saying much at all! 🙂 (AND they know it.) Be happy, be strong, be bold and do not waste time being a hater. It’s a very telling trait and ‘telling’ traits don’t make people sexy. You’re currently in Wunnaland, I’m a Glamour Puss. I like sexy.

But yeah (got distracted and decided to preach lol)  i’ve had boys dance with the art of manipulation, all day today. *Yawn.* There’s one who thinks i’m a great deal more stupid that what i really am. One who tried to damage my love life, by planting a dollop of negativity on it, out of jealousy (lovely lovely) and one who has forgotten that when you are an EX…you don’t get anymore Wunna Priviledges. You’re just heaped upon the pile of  ‘once was.’ (*Giggles*) Infact, a lot of my exes are trying to get their groove on now, that they know i’m happy with someone else. Weird how that happens? Like ‘Lashes’ inboxed me today, telling me to do things for him. Erm…i just ignored the inbox and then got a BBM. When i asked him ‘why?’ He responded with a because he asked me to. That’s not how i work. Infact, another boy tried to do that today too? When have i EVER done ANYTHING i didn’t adore doing? You can’t just tell someone to do something and expect that they will… lmao. Randomn. ( I love that it’s 5pm outside and still light, bright and sunny. I hear beer o clock!!!)

Oh a good note. Madly in love with ‘Loverboy.’ Had an amazing time with him yesterday. I’ve finally found a good match, a decent boy, one that isn’t broken (Yipppeee) and one that is happy and positive, honest and loving. We have so much fun together and it’s the simple things like the way we’ll be sat down having a drink together, looking at one another smiling, and holding each others hand. He’ll tell me about his day and then look at me like i’m the most beautiful ‘being’ he’s ever met. (Then ofcourse tell me I am, because he’s smart and also ever the romantic. I tell him how gorgeous he is all the time.) We’re both quite idealistic when it comes to love and he brings out the ‘girly femme’ in me, a softer Wunna, a more ‘beautiful’ Me. Infact, not just him, all my friends here do. Anyhow, we’re both not scared of expressing how we really feel for each other and don’t care if we look like twats, whilst doing it. if the worst we can be is romantic, then we’re doing pretty well.  There’s no drama, it’s really easy. I mean we do get rather mushy…(oh er, on all levels of the word,) but at the same time we can completely look at each other and take the piss out of it all. It’s ACE! I’ve found the man of my dreams. Just a really loving, romantic, sexy sexy man…a good boy…a kind boy…who can also actually make dinner. (Keeper much.) He’s just made me realize how much time i’ve wasted on ‘not good enough’ boys. I always tell people not to sell themselves short and for once…i haven’t. 🙂 Happiest i could ever be. x He’s definitely made up for all the years of dating useless boys. THANKYOU CUPID!!! I’ve made a much better choice. I’m in love.

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