Is this your Doodle?

Right, I can’t seem to go to Meadowhall, Sheffield without something bonkers happening to me!?! Last week ‘Stalker BRUCE’ found me, & asked if I’d do pictures for him with a Santa mug. Then he gave me a script to read for a radio show, whilst I was with Ruby, sipping on an Aperol Spritz, whilst building a lie detector ector test, that she forced me to purchase from Waterstones. Haha.

Stalker Bruce was so grateful that I did all the pics, vids and shoutouts for him, that he ran upstairs to Waterstones, where Ainsley Harriet was doing a book signing. He then forced Waterstones to give him the advertising board for the event, before asking Ainsley to sign it for me and picture with it. 

10 minutes later, Bruce dashed into The Palm Sugar Lounge with a giant Ainsley board under his arm, proud as punch, and handed me it as a thank you. It sat with me the entire time I mojito’d. 

Hahaha! I actually loved it! I was so impressed! So thoughtful. So hilarious. I do love a gift. 

But yes, I love Meadowhall. Fun things always happen. My family and I rejoice in every single delight that Meadowhall has to offer. It’s amazing! The kids think it’s magical. 

We’ve done the Postrooms. We’ve tinkered to Bobo Tea. We’ve shopped Disney. We’ve won Lego comps. We’ve glittered at Naughty Unicorn. Bought mood rings in the Lanes. Shared Boost Juices, gathered tools, had massages & even ‘Clip n climbed.’

I’ve flirted with cocktails at Rizzoli. Chocolate fondued at Godiva. Shimmied to The Palm Sugar lounge. Bought the kids Coal fired steaks. We’ve broken pitas at Nando’s, shared plates and love at Wagamamas. We’ve stopped by, simply to ‘Cinema’ and even taken a sneaky Yo!Sushi home with us! 

And that’s not even half of it…

Plus, the new FREE adventure playground has now opened and Ruby & Junior can’t WAIT to go try it out!! We’re pretty much at Meadowhall every week now and we never ever seem to get bored of it. 

There’s new a surprise down every corner. 

Obviously we picture & post everything we do there, in case YOU ever tinker to Meadowhall & want to know what’s on offer! 

But OH MY GOSH!!! Only I could find a big Doodle Wall, mural thing. Read the words ‘Doodle’ and automatically assume it’s by Mr.Doodle. 

THEN I started picture taking with Ruby by the Doodle wall. (Ruby loves Mr.Doodle.) We both adore art and creativity! 

THEN I post our pics EVERYWHERE!!! 

Literally everywhere! 

Twitter! Facebook! Insta! Snapchat! The Moon! The Streets! The Nunneries. Everywhere!!! This is whilst I’m going on about how EXCITED we were to picture with a MR.DOODLE, doodle (everyone on Twitter is all ecstatic ) & even better…I THEN MENTION & tag Mr.Doodle in the pics! 

Beautiful moment. 

It wasn’t even HIS work. It wasn’t even HIS Doodle. It was some other guy named Dave’s doodle. Hahah. 

 I just THOUGHT it was by Mr.Doodle because he’s the only worldwide famous Doodler I knew…and therefore decided to re-credit, Dave’s ‘Meadowhall doodle’…as Mr.Doodles work and announce it to the masses. Haha! 

Wow! Did I look like a tool!!

AND…even worse Ruby STILL believes the doodle was by Mr.Doodle himself and is telling everyone…

Then came the inbox…

Mr.Doodle: ‘Thank you so much, but that piece in the background isn’t my work. Haha. *Emoji monkey hand over face.*

Hahah. I mean can you imagine!! Up until this point, I thought it was and the real life Mr.Doodle was so incredibly sweet that he HAD to tell me, but he did it so gently. Lol  I could tell he was dashed with sweetness. Our chat went on all day.

I mean there he is getting ready for his huge exhibition in Tokyo, doodling away, with his 2.7 Million Instagram followers…. and even HE’s having to *pause* to deal with Wunna Land drama…and up until that point in our lives, we had NEVER EVER known, or uttered a single word to one another.

Anyway, for the rest of the day we chatted and it became the acest, most random banter ever! I loved it.

Me: ‘My favourite colour’s pink. Like a boozy Cosmo.’

Mr.Doodle: ‘Haha. I’ve never heard it described like that before!!’

Anyway, I apologised for my lunacy. Imagine apologising to Mr.Doodle because you’ve been so foolish. Imagine having a whole afternoon convo with Mr.Doodle about the things that guys DM me on my ‘Ask Me A Question’ doo-daa, which could never be classed as normal, without 92 cold showers.

But he was sweet and great and….

Let’s say, neither of us woke up that morning and thought…We’d ever be accidentally path crossing.

But yes, that picture went up on my blog. And yes, we both promised to never tell Ruby it was by someone else. Haha.

Oh! And to ‘Dave Draws’…(I found out it was your work.) So sorry for the re-credit. Haha. I kinda just went with the Mr. Doodle vibe.

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