Is it over yet?

Had the worst day ever! Sooo bad, it’s almost nearly hilarious. It’s just been one of those days of sheer horror. It’s been AWFUL! Luckily it’s almost nearly over. I don’t know whats wrong with me right now, but i’m starting to feel quite down, moody and well a tad bit bored? I need to snap out of it. This is insane!

So as we know, my Facebook account got pulled from under me last night. This shouldn’t be that bigger deal, yet it seems that i really am that much of a Loser and simply cannot live without it. I’m like a computer geek (who doesn’t really know how to work computers) cleverly disguised as a over eyelashed, slut of a bimbo. I’d got so use to talking to everyone on it, that even though i quite promptly set up a new Facebook profile this morning (which you all need to add yourselves to) it’s just not the same. I’ve lost all of my friends. It sucks!!  And now they all think i’ve deleted them. UGH!!

The worst thing about it all, was the fact that it made me resort to actually taking part in domestic duties, like cleaning floors and washing dishes, simply because i had nothing else to take my mind of it. I mopped my floors (quite badly, cos i had a face like a slapped arse) in booty shorts and the highest of heels, then watched male strippers gyrate infront of me, on my tv to pass the time. It worked for a good 10 minutes…until i realized the strippers were all terribly gay. It turned something sexual, into something oddly hilarious. It was like a big gay boy band. I loved it. I actually knew one of the boys ripping off his kit on ‘This Morning.’ He was one of the models hired for the BBF ’24hr Party Challenge.’ (That i fucking WON!!) The body work on that man, is delicious!

Everything i’ve touched today has simply fallen to pieces, teared away at the seams and dissolved into nothingness.  I FUCKING HATE IT!! It’s madness!! Then to top it all off, i’ve had evil messages from all kinds of meanies. You all need to get poked in the eyes, repeatedly by apes. Luckily my love life is GREAT! I called ‘Latin Lover’ today for a little kissy kissy, sympathy. He’s good at that! I’m missing him a great deal and i’m also missing LA quite badly right now. I think, i’m just in a mood, so i’m all ready for dropping everything, and running away into the wilderness, with my arms in the air whilst shouting the Lords Prayer. A dude has just agreed to marry me when i’m 60. I’m definitely moving up in the world. God i’m pathetic! Snap out of it Wunna! I mean, roll in the singing fat lady and call it a bloody DAY!

I need excitement

Chrissie Wunna

4 thoughts on “Is it over yet?”

  1. I was gutted when I saw your profile had disappeared, thought you’d deleted me. Glad you created a new account, gonna be a mission uploading all your pix and stuff again though. The guys at facebook really are pricks sometimes.

  2. Hi Ashwin!! Thankyou so much for finding me. Yeah i feel like and ass cos everyone’s just gonna think i turned ‘bitch’ on them, and deleted them, and some won’t dare to re-request!! So thankyou soooo much!!

    It’s good to make a decent Facebook fresh start! LOL. Massive kisses to you babe!! xxx


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