Get out of my bed

Feeling a bit pissy today. I haven’t had enough sleep, i’ve managed to get my period, and i’ve had to deal with beings in my bed trying to ‘out know’ me. My bed is not a place for people to come and be all ‘knowey,’ it’s a place of pleasure, goddamit.  If i KNOW something, i 100% KNOW it. If i don’t KNOW something, i will not bark on about the ‘something’ like i KNOW what i’m talking about. Shit, that was a mouthful, and definitely not my favourite kind. (Sausage sandwich, sausage sandwich.) So much drama way too early, and i’m having to get into a more positive gear. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!! I feel like i need to smash a garden knome, or something….UGH!! GOD!! Note: Chrissie Wunna hates ‘think they know it alls,’ -but only when they don’t know it all, and start talking to ME!! And especially at some ungodly early morning bloody hour!!!! Flipping’ heckers!! This is NOt the way to start a decent morning, listenning to half wits, with no idea what ‘half a bloody brain’ is!! I have such a short fuse today. PMS rocks!! Every little thing anyone does, like’ BE A FUCKING DRAMA QUEEN FOR NO REASON OTHER THAN ATTENTION,’ is getting me all steamed up. I know i can be a drama queen at times (but for very short amounts of time and it’s funny), yet there’s always reason, and the ‘Attention whore’ thing- well that’s something you’re born with, not something you can just DO!!! I need music to theme by mood. I feel so ‘Smack my bitch up.’ Why does everyone keep talking to me today??? Hahahah…i’m a lunatic….Writing this blog is my therapy. By the end of it, i’ll be ‘skipping in rainbowed fields’ happy.

 If you’re gonna come in my bed, (erm..?) bring love, not war…and preferably gifts to help ease my moody, incase i’m PMS-ing!! I love you, i do, thanx for letting me vent!! (hahaha)

1 thought on “Get out of my bed”

  1. ok somebody has well done your sweede in aint they babe. calm down have a brandy if that dont work headbutt something that always works with me. i hope u calm down and have a good day today chrissie its saturday go put on something sexy bell your pals get down the boozer the weather is nice and have a fanny arbukle babe. take care chrissie tada scratch


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