Incase you forgot

I’m the kind of girl who wishes upon stars, laughs out loud carelessly, dances for no reason, and truely believes that at the end of the rainbow is a magical pot of gold. I believe in standing up for what I believe is right, regardless as to what anyone else believes. I know ANYTHING can happen, and along with a glittery  flair of ‘no judgements’ is a strong sense of compassion for anyone who has a story to tell. I adore my friends, my family, anyone who captures my attention for just one magically moment. I amuse, and like to be amused. My intention is to inspire others, and bring a smile to all of their faces! I will sacrifice myself for this…i am also quite ‘class clown’ stupid, (ofcourse) along with being quite ‘good in school’ smart! I like to be surrounded by ANYONE really, and i hope one day to be a star!

Don’t know why i blabbed on about all that, just needed to i think?? Well i just woke up and i’m feeling Divine (and not as in young lady who gave Hugh Grant blow job for a fiver.) I feel happy-go lucky, splendid, splendid, and like i can bound of cliffs (the rockery, and not man by the name of…) and have a super soft, feathery pillow landing. Today is going to be a great day! It starts with my dearest mummy and…..SHOPPING!! She’s really the only person i love to shop with. It’s the banter not the purchasing that makes it! Kisses…i love you!! Hey, someone asked me if i had had a nose job last night!!! Cheeky beggar!!

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  1. i hate shopping with me old girl she takes ages i end up leaving her and saying i will meet u in the bozer in 4 hours if not she wuld do my sweade in. im pleased u are feeling os good today chrissie i hope it gets better and u find out u have won the star thing . have fun shopping with your old dear i hope u get some nice new garms treacle take care chrissie tada scratch


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