Inbetween the Lines


Hey all…i’ve been up since 7am. I thought i had a free day, well a kinda free day..anyhow it seems I forgot i had the busiest dandy of a day ever, according to this ‘Post-IT’ note i have infront of me that has the apparent run-down of how my life is going to be scheduled today. I always thought i was way more organized than a ‘Post IT’/ ‘To Do,’ note. Yet i guess, i’m really no better than ya mothers Morrisons shopping list. (Ah dee dums. Not remotely bothered.) I got a phone call this morning, early..with a very excited other person on the end of it. I shocked myself awake and with a ‘Oh fuck, i completely forgot…’ i leaped out of bed, got showered and glammed up for work. Ofcourse i didn’t tell them I had completely forgot, as that would just be rude…(Hahaha…) I politely blagged it like any Wunna would and pretended I was all up and ready. I looked awful too, and couldn’t move my body, with a cat on my face. How professional of Me. But whatever, i made it, did the do and wasn’t even a minute late. I don’t like late people…i think it’s very telling, careless and a sure fire sign that they would not be good to do business with. I am never late for anything. I’m a woman of my word and i even think ‘Fashionably late’ is soooo 2004. It’s been done.

Anyway, i have a big week, so i’m going to try and NOT drink through it after my night in Manchester of booze. We’ll see how that goes. Lol. Yet i have a lot of interviews, meetings and things i’m putting off, because i believe if i ignore them they’ll just go away and get sorted. It seems life doesn’t work like that. Yet i’m on it, i’m smiling, and my head is a banging. The ‘bongos’ should be on my chest and not messing with the internal goings on, of my mind. God, and i’m totally craving Rama Noodles. It’s like being pregnant, but without an actual child inside of you…which would just mean i’m FAT. Yay! Cowgirl! Eat them tatties!! (Just had a flash back of being at this massive mansion party in LA, and there being an amazing bongo band. I remember ungracefully clambering up some pipe thing, to get to the bongo playing demons just so i could ferociously bang on them. I totally did ot too…all out of whack. And they loved it, until one guy was like, ‘Honestly now…if you don’t get down, I’m totally gonna get fired.’ Hahaha…loved it.)

What was i actually gonna talk about today?? Oh yeah…’Love.’ What a surprise?? I mean i think it’s important to tell people that you love them, as i do believe people of this world don’t hear it enough. However, just because you DON’T tell someone that you love them, doesn’t mean that you don’t. Really it doesn’t. I mean actions always speak louder than words..and i keep forgetting that. ‘Love’ is an emotion that can’t really be ‘littled’ into a four letter word. Often people can’t find the words to tell you how they care…and it’s important that when people can’t find the words, that you can still hear them anyway. I’m an communicator, so i’m really good at expressing how i feel (some of you have caught the brunt of therefore i think it’s important to let a being KNOW how you feel, (as everyone hates guessing…i find it boring. It’s like the ‘guess my age’ game. No thankyou..snooze.) Yet once that’s crystal clear, then you are free to no longer say it, unless you truely mean it, yet should 100% just go about showing it more than anything. But sometimes people don’t even do that…however that’s their own fault innit. Just remember to read inbetween the lines. It’s often what people don’t say that matters. I hate it too…but it seems that that’s how boys function. I always prefer a forward speaking male…I have more in common with them. I’m a forward speaking girl, when i feel safe.

Currently dancing to ‘Genie in a Bottle‘ whilst i get ready for an interview. Have a sexy day. I want noodles NOW goddamit. Aah the life of a Glamour Puss. Wink. Pout. Pump.

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  1. have a good day babe and i love the blagging bit i love the pic and all but move the scarfs theres a good girl they are getting in front of the merchandise ha ha ha

  2. well romance dont get me anywhere chrissie so i might as well be honest u do look amaizing and i make u right i am about as subtle as a sledgehammer


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