In ZOO today! Buy one!

Busy day. It started in a family planning clinic in Barnsely, having a natter and a wink with a lovely of Merries, who opted for a life in the medical field. Swiftly followed by a trundle up to the train station..all furs coat and bright pink luggage on wheels. Two trains, lots of stares. A quick ‘shit i need to buy a digital camera’ moment. So with luggage and fur and bad ass attitude..i struggle up to Argos (don’t ask) and mid-buying my camera my blackberry rings and i have to do a radio interview there and then, in the middle of Argos..dressed like a slutty poodle, with pink luggage and the people of Doncaster staring at me, like they wanted me to be DEAD! Good times!

Long story short…i get on a train to London. Which is where i am the Central Park Hotel, in my hotel room, with a glass of white wine and an egg sandwich! I’m hanging out with the good girls and guy of the new Paris Hilton show, that you’ve all heard of tonight. We haven’t seen each other in ages, so this will be quite bizarro. I actually feel a bit nervous. As my memories have been such a bitchyblur, that this regrouping will bring it all back! (You can watch the new preview of the First episode at

I’m in ZOO today boys…so go buy your copy! I LOVE ZOO and thanx to the good people up in their manly, god-like boobie heaven. I am one of their FAVOURITE bbf’s ready to fight it out, to be Miss.Hiltons new Bristish bestie! So get your copy now. I’m also on their hotlist of their ultimate rundown of this weeks SEXIEST (yes it’s in block capitals) women! Up there with Pamela Anderson and Scarlett Johansson!! Booyah! This is all going to my head. I love it!

Wish me luck for tonight! Kisses

3 thoughts on “In ZOO today! Buy one!”

  1. i will buy it tpmmpra chrissie u dont normally buy em any more as we have a dvd man come round lol. but i will get it coz u are in it . i hope u are having fun is the geezer on that programe an iron coz he looks like a blatent one on the advert babe i hope u win chrissie take care babe tada scratch


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