In Manchester for my Book meeting

Mornng my honey suckles of joy. Whilst you are reading this, i am running around aimlessly attempting not to miss trains in floozey attire and heels, with pretend ideas in my head for a big meeting in Manchester that i have with my literary agent.

I’ve got to be at Manchester Piccadilly by 1pm for my meeting over coffee and i’ve got to be good. They’re gonna show me how to format my book and all that jazz. (Wazza..i soo need that CD.)

Hopefully it’s all going well, i’ve got there on time and i’ve managed to have a bacon sarnie. I’m really excited about my book and i hope you all love it. It’s the first of manya nd well i’m keeping everything..but my crotch…crossed.

I’ve had to totter to Barnsley first to catch a train to Leeds, to then catch a  train to Manchester. But i’ll get there in time. I always flipping do!

If you’re at all wondering how i’ve managed to post this entry. I’ll tell you that i have it on timer. So i can write it the night before (because i don’t get up early enough to have time to blog) and well it publishes whenever i *wink* at it. Bottom line…i’m magic.

Love you lots. Make your dreams come true and if anyone tells you that can’t…get back in their face and politely tell them you CAN! (The key is to do it with *smiles.*) It’s charm all the way dollies. Remember that!

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