In love

Day one of new, ‘eat no carbs at all’ diet went well. I need to lose about 5 pounds in a week. I was armed with my Mother (who is not only doing the diet with me, yet keeping a close eye on me, incase i begin to act in a troublesome manner,) and a Positive mental attitude. I use to do the coffee, and cigarettes diet, so this whole new eating fresh veg thing is really quite wonderful. My body is thankful, and i only bitched, moaned and sneakily ate a ‘fudge’ bar once. Fuck it, i still lost 2 pounds today. I’ve got to cheat a little. It’s more the being tied down to RULES thing that kills me, and not the new food choices….that parts a breeze. I love being healthy. I just always want to beable to stick my middle finger up at the food guru, whilst i eat my ‘fudge’ and still lose weight. It makes it all worth while. I don’t know why i get a kick out of rebellion? But i do!! Yet only when i disagree with what’s being forced upon me, with a passion. And i’m not scared to jiggery McPokery around anyone to prove a point. (Vogue, Vogue, Vogue, Vogue!) Don’t get that either, it was just in my head???

My tan is ACE, i’m very please with myself. Oh and for being a good girl, and working hard, ‘Mummy dearest’ bought me an ipod…randomly. I have one, but i guess now i have 2. I love my life!! She always brings a smile to my face. Then to make life better, i recieved another card in the post today, all the way from my ‘latin lovers’ heart. It’s the small things that count. Even though i do adore grand gestures of affection. So i’m in love, and all smiley and filled to the brim with candied hearts. There’s a glint in my eye, and a sparkle in my wink…as i party on Cloud 9 with cupid. I love, LOVE. It keeps me going…along with good food, sex, midgets and lots of cold hard cash. It foolishly makes me believe i can conquer the world, and not just the bedrooms.

I’m going to bed now to get that oh so needed ‘beauty sleep.’ Smelt the most wonderful bunch of flowers today. They had a hypnotic aroma, I love flowers. I’m just a girlie girl….but i never forget to have a good sniff of the roses. I appreciate everything around me. I am aware that i sound so ‘flowery fairy’ right now, but you try doing this diet!! It’s bloody hard, sends you ‘do-lally, call Mariah Carey and borrow her straight jacket.’ I need some sleep. The ants are gone!

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