In London My Darlings

Life is great, things look good. My love life is pretty brilliant and not only am i happy to be somewhat alive, but i’ve made the executive decision to not think about things too much, as amzing Glamour Pusses just do and not don’t think. We pout and pose at the consequences, and i’m totally wearing booty shorts today even though i KNOW it’s going to rain. IN YOUR FACE!! (strut.) I feel amazing today, so be warned.. this blog may be inappropriately chipper. I have kittens running around me literally clawing each others eyes out like ghetto prozzies, and i’m doing a hip hop hand, to background ‘Gangsta’ music, because i’m ‘Thug style’ before 9am. (I’m not keen on thugs really. Pull ya fucking trousers up!!)

Anyway, i’m in London today. It’s my friends birthday today, so i’m gonna do the right thing and ring in his next year! I’ll also get to see my ‘baby baby booness’ who i’m addicted to right now. I don’t think i could find a more perfect match. I’m mean we’re still stepping on each others toes to see how much it hurts. But yeah i’m quite deeply attracted to him and according to the ‘mush’ in my knickers i think he gets the big thumbs up and a boobie squidge. Love him!

Other than that, i’ve been making cups of tea topless in front of windows so my ‘not as hot as i thought he was’ gardner. Who i need to pay. My gay shag piece samuel has decided to bone me, so he can be a young gay dad to sassy asian twins. I think i can squeeze them out?? I mean if i push hard enough, a few cobwebs, broken hearts, and cucumbers would come out, followed by a healthy squirt of Grey Goose…then hopefully living human beings…twice. I love twins! Well apart from the ones i hate.  I’d hate to be a twin. I’d have to do away with it, in it’s sleep. I’ve been told that little children are going to sale racks in stores, putting on faux fur coats and doing impressions of me. And i can’t be bothered to tan because i’m ethnic.

I love you all…kinda more than you think.

4 thoughts on “In London My Darlings”

  1. Heyy Chrissie 🙂

    Just wanted to say I SAW YOU! in doncaster & wanted to apologize for whispering about you i didnt say anythinng bad just wondered if it was you or not 😀
    Thanks for the pic 🙂
    Do you still talk to paris? i loved you on that show!
    LoveeVerity x

  2. Heyy chrissie
    i wass alsoo in the toiletss !! todayy thankss forr the pic 🙂 Howsss Londoon ?
    Love Hannah x


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