In It To Win It

A quick pic of me and Lydia on the telly, during the ‘Shopping challenge’ on ‘Paris Hiltons British Best Friend’ (Team Flic.) This was our ‘personal’ present, where we went to a joke shop, (at the very last minute) bought moustaches, water pistols, pig noses and shits to make fools of ourselves for the random sake of comedy and to win the heart of Miss. Hilton. We took snaps of ourselves…(because we are whores for attention,) presented them to Paris and Tamara Beckwith and won the challenge.  (LOVES IT!!) To be honest we cheated because we actually ran out of time, so the producer (Lee) gave us extra minutes to get our pics done. (Oopsie! Lol) He might have even given us extra money?? I love cheating. (Who said that??)

 Each of us on the winning team, recieved a massive gorgeous bracelet , that was catered to our particular taste and personality. (They didn’t show that part of tv.) Mine was solid, and silver, with multi- coloured exotic looking gems in. Delicious! Mine! Mine! Mine! It oozed sex appeal and thats just the way i like it. (Winks.) Then after the challenge we had a 30 minute girls night in with Paris. It was actually hilarious, because we were in this hotel room at The Sanderson, filled to the brim with people and cameras. There was wine, art gallery food, someone who kept farting, ‘Hungry Hippos’ (i love that game, as it’s highly destructive and gives me orgasms) and a game that i convinced Paris to play, (she didn’t want to at first due to sheer fear)  where you ELECTROCUTE  each other, over and over again. All smiles! Hahaha! My games rock! Playing in ‘Wunna-land’ is so much fun. You come back with bruises, std’s, smeared in rainbow glitter and with a bizarre addiction to attention.

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  1. It was her best look. The day she wore the ‘tash’ (hahaha) and the night at Mahiki, when she dressed like a real life girl…(as i called it.) So funny! I love her.


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