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Hey My Pusses, so i’m in this months addition of Flirt Magazine, where i talk about show secrets, Paris,

22 thoughts on “In Flirt Magazine Today”

  1. Do I look like a bloody Vet?!
    I’m wearing dark glasses out of respect!! haa, the fame helps a little though! =P
    As for “mourning” – I was correct, “mourning” is when you grieve over someone, and “morning” is a time of day.


  2. hey hun glad you like the feature it was a pleasure 🙂 but i actually own it not billi hehe 😉 he does do a lot of stuff with me though and does the Flirt PR nights , hes cool . look forward to working with you in the next issue!!

    kat xxx

  3. i wouldnt buy it for them purposes bruv like i told u i got frank for that and a dvd player u saucy git u are cruising for a bruising soon shun


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