In a rush

I’m in a rush again..meaning i only have time for a quick morning ‘on the go breakfast’ kinda blog. Yesterday was boring, so lucky i don’t have much to report. Lovely weather. Certainly a ‘reach for your umbrella drink and zebra bikini’ moment. Then it rained and we all snapped back to reality.

I’m learning that it really is important to be doing what your heart desires. Life is a wonderful thing and way too many people take the tiny things in life that really don’t matter, far too seriously, becaused they’re conditioned to do so by others, osciety or their own insecurities. The world is a GIANT place of a disco ball and we’re a billionth, willionth (great scientific terminology) of it all..therefore just make the most of the moments that you have and celebrate…, dance and middle-finger anyone that tries to ‘tut-tut’ at you.

You can tell i had a boring yesterday simply because it gave me time to think. I hate thinking, it makes my extensions curl. *Gallops off to pout and pose in bathroom mirrors.*

Hopefully you all have that Friday feeling. I have a pre-booked ‘after work’ massage and a night labelled with ‘Date’ tonighta! I’m excited and simply because i realized how much Loverboy needs to feel loved. I mean, since i’ve had Ruby my glitzy world has glittered and oozed over with utter unconditional joy, to the point where she really has consumed all of my attention, leaving Loverboy to twiddle this thumbs..or privates…in a lonely men do. When it’s his turn for affection, i’m then usually slipping on heels and rushing off to work, book meetings, or collapsing in exhaustion. Yeah he hsouldn’t get moody of it..I’m one to wave the ‘please do grow up and stop having a Bill Cosby hairdo’ flag.

However, i noticed that when he had a moment to grab my attention, he began to ferocioulsy ‘Carlton Banks’ dance for me, ( i love it because he’s rubbish at it)  in order to win my affection. It made me ‘aww’ and realize that he needs more love.

Life is great right now. Book is in editing and on it’s way to greatness. Everyone’s weirdly trying to csore a piece of The Wunan right now? I’m at work all day. I have a belly ache. I can’t wait for my masasge tonight and i adore my tiny baby RUBY! Everythings almost too perfect, that i’m kinda waiting for something to shit on me from a great height. But i’m a Wunna i’ll sprinkle it in diamante dust then boomerang it back to where it came from in heels!


Love you. Off to work…

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