In a bit of a Rush!

Okay, so i’ve had my weave tightened. looks amazing. Yeah it feels like I have a donkey attached to my head. On the whole…job well done! Love it! *Please Pay Here.*

Doncaster was wonderful yesterday because I got to show my tiny little ‘Rubes’ off to the delicious masses, who greeted me with, ‘You’re that girl off that Paris Hilton thing! OMG! You were on Peaches!’ I do love all tat and i’m never one to deny it. I’m one to frollock in a bit a of ‘look at me.’ Yet it also kinda makes me feel as though i’ve managed to make everyone celebrate my life with me. *Party Popper.* I especially love the girls that spotted me buying eyeshadow and eyeliner in the shade of ‘too much.‘ I dropped my baby bottle…because i’m a really great mum 🙂 and well they scurried after it and returned it to my daughter like she was Cleopatra. (Then she burped…tried to *wink* and we I dollied off after giving them’read my blog’  hugs.) Great day! My family were amazing. My Mum is a champion grandma, yet claims it’s ‘weird‘ having a baby around due to the fact that it’s like raising ME all over again. It’s almost as if God..has thrown her back into ‘Time Warp’ (without the garters) and given her a second chance at raising a Chrissie Wunna. I adore my mum more than anything and because she wheels into people with my child and when she’s at her most careful, whilst boasting that i’m off the telly. 🙂 That ‘Peaches’ thing really did bizarrely do me well. More people watched it than you think. My day was filled with cuddles and light. (Yes!! Weirdly no hate!) I’m actually going to do rather well? Therefore if I pass on any little ‘nonsense’ to you, know that the littlest thing can go a long looong way!

Today, Loverboy and I are off to his parents for lunch! We take Ruby every weekend and well Pete’s gonna try his hanad at Baileys Creme Brulees. I’m being told to ‘hurry up.’ I’ve got sooo much to tell you…UGH! Anyway..laters. I’m attempting to wear skinny jeans today. I’m back to being a Glamour Puss. But i’m weirdly still in a preggo nappy. 🙂

2 thoughts on “In a bit of a Rush!”

  1. I just saw you on OMG! With peaches geldof!you are great!love the way u keep up your looks during your pregnancy!loved you on paris hiltons bff too!love her!hope all goes well with your baby!xoxo


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