In a bit of a rush…

Morning my little munchkins of wiggle-fest. Yummy day. Feeling glamourous. Been up since 6am and basically to get my little book all sorted. I keep gettin gtold off my the publisher for apparently ‘not caring’ enough about getting it down. It’s done and almost ready for the big ‘Hoo-ha.’ Yet i’ve been having a baby, looking after a baby, working a day job, as well as keeping my showbizzy world alive.

I’m happy though and loving it. I’m a kitten who’s blessed with a mighty shower of luck and happiness. i’ve been reading parts of my book and witnessing how much i’ve managed ot change, Thank FUCK for that. 🙂 It’s weird because I always thought i was at my utter peak of glory back in those days. My peak of total happiness. However, now i look back, i didn’t feel half as delicious as I do now. I love my world and i’m rocking it in baby pink today dollies. *Wink-Pout.*

My morning has been madness. I looked after Ruby and sorted out my book until Midnight last night, whilst little Loverboy mildly moaned and pined for my attention. He hates it when i’m otherwise occupied and not ‘all eyes on him.’ In fact they both do..therefore a great deal of my lovely little home life is simply spent making sure they know i’m watching. Jeeze.

Ruby is being a darling and now watching monkies with drunm kits on the telly, in her bow. I’ve run around like a headless chicken, seeing to kittens, (the new one keeps having to run away from the old one that’s constantly trying to have gay sex with him,) working on my book, doing my blog, feeding the fruit of my loins, organizing my life and making sure Wunna Land still has that glint of ‘ooh laa’ in my morning stilettos.

I’ve had to cut out a great deal of my book, do to me being a rambler and not hitting a word count correctly. I htought i’d find it really hard, yet i’m discovering that loads of it was actually boring. GREAT. Total seller! A hit! Luckily, i’m not a hoarder, so i’ve easily managed to give it the ‘heave-ho.’ I was never any good at keeping anything for too long.

Pete has managed to stay cozily asleep through all of the morning madness as per usual. *Rolls eyes.* He spent the evening literally peeking through a key hole at our arguing neighbours, who were being all shouty and ‘fuck you i’m leaving.’ He’s like a ‘desperate housewife,’ all bored, pining for my attention and peeking at neighbours with marital problems. Hopefully, he was ‘Gaby’ as all the others don’t do ‘bouji’ quite as well. I don’t get why he’s everso tired? must be really hard sunbathing? He must be bored with life right now because only when we’re bored do we take interest in drama. I’m all for a bit of drama. Yet only when it has nothing to do with me.  I heard the neighbours being shouty and had to weigh up what was more important. Book? Or keyhole peeking? I’ve matured enough to resist the peek. I’m totally losing my touch.

Anyway, my inner ‘Diva’ has just got the better of me and I’ve just stormed into the bedroom and MADE him get up. There’s only room for ONE glamour puss in this relationship and it certainly isn’t the one with the extra piece of ‘leg meat.’ 🙂 *Hair-toss.* HOLD ME BACK! 🙂

Busy day, really excited. I’m running and winning and pretty much doing it under a rainbow. Live it.

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