I’m The Queen of The World


Hi Babies! Okay i’m currently laid in my hotel bed..which might i add is the most beautiful bed i have ever been in. I’m staying at ‘The Regency’ in south kensington…and my suite is perfectly amazing. It’s all cosy and warm…like Christmas. My bed is massive. ( I puked off the side of it, last night! Oops.) Anyhow, i’m completely fine now, and ready to take on the day. Or have it take ME on. (she reaches for the Nurofen.) I feel like Princess….a hungover one. It’s sexy.

Yesterday was Great. I went out for a little lunchy/tipple with a boy. He came to meet in Kensington and we ventured off to find us a little steak and wine. I get on with him really well. I just do. We have a good bond, stronger than i thought it would be and well he seems to have emotionally grown so much in a short space of time? I like it a lot more.  I’m proud of him. You know when someones been extremely lost, yet they’re slowly finding their way. But they’re doing it right infront of your very eyes…it’s magical. It makes me happy and it’s important to me that he’s more than okay. Plus when i was lost, (in LA) i really finally found myself, due to a friend i have DK and it completely changed my life. But yeah this boys on a journey…He has a silent strength. We’re finally sharing strength not weakness. He’s gonna come out of this on top. It’ s weird…as each moment passes, I can see him getting stronger. I dont know why i care so much about him..but i do (and he’s gonna come out of this a champion.) Plus, he’s on Team Wunna. And Team Wunna ALWAYs fucking rocks!!! I mean it’s a bit of a drunk team, but we still rock. We’re the best of the best and i’m the best of everything. lol (Yes you can worship Me…i don’t mind.)

Anyway, we natter, natter, natter (sorry i got a little distracted) and end up at this place called ‘Black & Blue’ (appropriate…i know) and yeah we got drunk on house wine, bickered a little, laughed a little and talked about Life, Love and how amazing we are. (Our favourite subject..) I got the steak, he got the salad and caught up. He ate most of mine. I’m not a big eater. Then we go back to my hotel for JD and cokes for more banter, banter….which actually turned into deep rooted TALK. I was impressed, then we must have just got trashed because i remember him then trying to smash a glass bottle over my head, us name calling and gossiping, then winding each other up(it’s like he gets off on winding me up…coz i’m a feisty fucker-roo and i’ll get all huffy puffy ‘blow ya house down’..and then he’ll just laugh like he’s achieved something great.) UGH!! Hahahah…Then i remember him spitting pretzels at Me and an actual Bar man politely mentioning that we maybe should reconsider our actions by uttering the words, ‘Don’t do it.’ I had a glass in my hand by his head, and he had a bottle at mine. HAHAHAA! It’s that crazy kinda ‘care.’ He then went on to talk about his Mum and a vein.

Walked him to the tube. Got dragged into a fucking liquor store. Bought two baby bottles of Corona and a random lighter bottle opener and drank it on the street to the tube station. I looked liked a Glamour Puss homeless person, who was scared of police. lol. Anyway, we hug, we kiss, he goes ont he tube. I don’t know how i got home….but i did. LOL. I entered my beautiful hotel chambers, like the princess of the world, ( i fell twice…i daren’t even go downstairs)  threw up by my bed, made a few phonecalls and literally passed the fuck out. Yeah Bitch. If you pass out, you’ve usually had a decent time. I love being ME.. Hahahah….I can totally pass out and everyones like ‘Wow she’s amazing.’ At least i’m fun…at least i’m happy. At least i’ll die young..

I actually do feel amazing right now. Like i’m Queen of the World. I really do need water though and room service. I work tonight with sammie at Embassy. I think he got trashed with Gail Porter last night. lol.  I have nothing to wear? I really don’t? I have 2 meetings today.

 Life is only as good as you make it and i’m making mine pretty goddam marvellous….at the expense of my own dignity. Woo-hoo! And that’s okay. I’m loving it. Make ur story wonderful. Too many people waste lifetimes. Oh and i’ve noticed…if you want to find strength…hang around those who have it. Your a product of your environment. Now go and enjoy ur day. I can’t see? Oh and i forgot to tell you that a druggie randomly stopped me yesterday on the street and warned me never to go in Netto, because it is full of lesbians. Hahaha… Oh, oh and if you were any of those boys at the train station in Doncaster. Thankyou for the love!  I love ‘Love’  in the form of chants. Yeeaaah bitch!

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