I’m starving like Marvin Gurrrrl….


How you all gonna tell me he’s not HOT. Hahah…! He’s like so ridiculous amounts ‘HOT.’ I’ve had so much moaney mail hurled at Me, due to my apparent poor choice in ‘handsomes.’

‘He’s the one that shows his abs for no reason in the ‘beat again’ video. The one that I watched repeatedly, muted of course.’
EXACTLY! Man of my dreams much!!!! We have so much in common. Pointless nudity. Everyone wants us muted. Faaar too sexy for our own good.  Quit hating. He’ s a much better choice than the last one.  (Ooh i really fancy a chicken burger now.) I’m currently dancing to Christmas Music and loving the Facebook group that is titled, ‘I’ve just realized the word bed actually looks like a bed.’ Hahaha…Roll on Crimbo! Let the good times begin Pusses!

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