I’m really too tired to write this

Okay, so now this whole ‘computer not working’ thing is really starting to do my head in. However & fortunately, it is allowing me to fondle it’s keys right now, for more tremendous ‘Chrissie Wunna’ blogage…i guess, i’m even champion at flirting with technical devices. Where theres a will, there’s a way, and it’s always with a wink of an eye, and a gentle touchy touch.

Anyway, life is good, i’m doing well, still trying to not be a ‘fat bitch,’ and missing flirting, feeling, sleeping next too, and basically being around handsome strangers!! I’m still young, yet it never seems to get old!! (hahah) I’m away from my beau, right now….as in ‘different country’ away, and it doesn’t really make things much better. I believe relationships can never develop, unless you see, speak and touch the other person other everyday, so we’re kind of in limbo right now….until i’m back knocking down peach maragaritas in LA, putting my hands down his trousers and checking his ‘sturdy’ in 3.4 seonds flat!! (Mnmmm…i’m hungry now!)

Ooh i need a cuppa tea!! Whatelse?? Oh yeah, Amy Winehouse, (may God bless her) is accessorizing with scabby delights. She has SCABS… on her face, and is attending dinners with them!! Not good like EVER!!!! She should stick to the regular accessories…like domestic pets, babies, and cocktail umbrellas!! I mean ‘cracking’ a joke, ‘cracking’ a whip, all good forms of ‘crack,’ yet CRACK PIPE…yeah thats a whole different fairytale. Whitney says it’s whack bitch…whack!!

I need to go!! I need my ‘Latin lover.’ I need to feel impressed. I need excitement!! Uh-oh i hear trouble a calling!!! Yee-haa!! I likey!!

6 thoughts on “I’m really too tired to write this”

  1. Princess,

    From my experience of you I know two things:

    You could never be fat, just voluptous, the more the better.

    And second you are truly a ravenous, sensual woman (Lolita meets Angelina Jolie)

  2. And you should take your pleasure wherever you find it like the dominant woman you are: just my worthless opinion

  3. God i love worthless opinions!! Now go feed my elephants!! And Greggy….it seems to be getting better by the day. I just installed a router, and it fucked it up…hahaha thats not very sexy, so just pretend i did it naked, and drenched in sweat??

  4. Babes I´m here for you… and yes you´ll be back in L.A. before the summers end… I miss you soooo very mucho and Love you tons!!!! Take care and everything is gonna be alright!!!



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