I’m not a ‘Sorry Sally’

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I didn’t apologize to ‘Lashes.’ I couldn’t bring myself to. I’m not one for having to apologize for my existance. I enjoy every minute of being Chrissie Wunna. I just wish he enjoyed being ‘Lashes,’ a bit more. He thinks i think, i’m better than him & is trying to make me apologize  (even though we are NOT togther anymore) for thinking that…even though i don’t?? He’s now trying to tell me what i think. I’m not even drunk and it’s still confusing me?? But anyway, i’m not bothered. I have bought new heels and jollied on with another and i’m really happy. My British Exes are the worst Exes i’ve ever had. I’ve loved them all whole heartedly at one point, yet they just never ever believe i do. And well my pretties…that’s on them and not on ME. It’s their issue. My LA Exes to this day i still talk and share ‘good times’ with. Lighten up boys of Britainia.

Anyway, I am actually lying a bit because i did drink a half a bottle of wine, whilst BBMing a Javelin thrower (random) and well i thought to myself, maybe i should call and  apologize? (I’m not a grudge holder AT ALL. I’m one to wish everyone the best…life is far too ‘OMG it could stop soon,’ innit.) Like even though i ramble on about them, like they are awfullness, i do care for them, as these are the boys who ‘adventured’ me through a particular Chapter of my life. And that’s something so precious to me…you can never take history away from anyone. (Unfortunately.)

I called …(champion drunk dialer) and well he didn’t pick up (Due to Pride.) I took that as a sign that i really wasn’t meant to utter those dear words of sheer ‘regret.’ I’m not ‘sorry.’ And i almost got bullied into a ‘sorry.’ Thank you Gods for saving me!!! I mean if i’d switched his shampoo for ‘Nair’ and wee’d all over his cat…then i’d be sorry. I’m not ‘sorry’ for simply ‘being.’ LOL (Hair toss) I feel all women should be talked to with the highest respect. If anything, he owes ME and apology. I mean most boys that i refrain from talking to, have disrespected me in a MAJOR way and have not apologized for it. I do not stand for it.

Happy Friday the 13th!! (Woooooo)

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