I’m living a flipping Fairytale!!!!


Oh my GOD, you would not believe the day i’ve had. It’s been the craziest day of emotions ever. I’ve felt like i’ve been dangled upside down, beat a little, tickled by horny apes, then turned back around, giving a champagne and been handed an Oscar..and a ‘Happy ever after.’ And ALL in ONE day. I’m not gonna go into it all, but i am smashing glasses in celebration, screaming and swearing. (At the weekend i had samuel repeatedly smash glasses on my feet, then tell me i was ‘nothing without my tits!’ Hahahahaha!)

Anyway, okay brace yourselves…i’ve had someone literally DIE on me…like ‘heart stopping’ DIE (making me feel a bit shocked really) and then within hours come back to flipping LIFE! Like ‘heart now beating’ goddam life!!  Yes COME BACK TO FUCKING LIFE on Me, simply out of nowhere. COME BACK TO FUCKING LIFE…because of ME and my awful ‘should know better,’ jiggery pokery! I knew my nuisancing was a blessing.What are the fucking chances!!! WHAT ARE THE CHANCEs!!! It’s like a million to one. I feel blessed. I called everyone, but none of you fuckers picked up! LOL. I can’t believe it!! Therefore i went from GUTTED numb to leaping off walls HAPPY, in heels and french knickers…boobies out, like an ‘I do crystal meth at weekends’ (and i don’t before you get started) ninja.

Then i have my ‘spiritual’ advisor (who’s a medium and AMAZING) randomly call me and tell all this wonderful ‘stuff’ about my future, that had just come into her head and completely spooked me out! Like she is so good, she can name an actual persons name fully, in regards to any situation that is troubling you without you saying ONE word, or the problem and that she did. You would die of  shock. Anyway, she told me GREAT GREAT things and everything she has told me has always materialised. I can’t believe it. I feel lucky, grateful and like i should probably tango. Hand me my rose. Where is my gin.

THEN, after having GIN as ofcourse it’s one of those days, and after doing rather good MC Hammer impression…I get asked whether i would like to do FHM’ (World domination much…which is nice of them) and then I get an LA work based phonecall in regards to this thing i just booked (that i’ve only really told 3 people about) and they’ve just basically told me they want to GIVE ME MORE!!! (Chrissie is currently screaming with joy.) Woo-hoo! Everything is just going right!!! I feel so happy and alive. It’s all pulling together and i don’t know how??? I need more gin.

I truely feel like i’m living a fairytale, like the kind they write about in books. Like if i think about where i started, where i’ve come from? What i’ve been through? Where i Moved? What has actually happened, who i’ve loved, how i’ve developed and how life has dealt my cards? Plus where i am now? How i ended up here? Why i’m here?? Who i currently love? And where my new life and career is at and how it’s just started to bloom…plus where i KNOW it’s headed. I feel pretty amazed. It happens only very so often to people. Therefore i feel lucky. Even my Medium said that….‘You’re life is gonna end up like the fairytale you always wanted. All areas!!! I’ve never seen this before.‘ Today has been a major day for Me. MAJOR. It’s changed my life. I feel strong, va voomey and like i can pretty much do ANYTHING!!! (Now i have to return to eating my wonton soup…and watching bad telly.) BUT OH MY GOD!! Dreams come true. Fairytales happen and if you believe….then nothing can stop you. I’m the luckiest bitch in town. THANK YOOOOOU!!! IN YOUR FACE ‘bad times.’ Know that if you fight through anything and want something bad enough, you can kick, scream and middle finger you way through the haze and into the light. Nothing is stronger than Light, fire, passion, love. I do it all the time, and i do it drunk, therefore you’ll all find it easier. I can really hit any ‘bad time bullshit’ out the ballpark and do with it compassion, forgiveness & strength. It’s a good thing.

I hope all YOUR dreams come true too. I’m sending you all my blessings of happiness..Never give up on ANYTHING and be good of heart always ( you grim bitches. lol)

3 thoughts on “I’m living a flipping Fairytale!!!!”

  1. im so happy for u chrissie u double double deserve it babe i hope all your happyness continues in the weekend babe. u look choong in the pic by the way babe

  2. my pleasure chrissie it is what i thnik babe if u ever need an hand in essex let me know and i hope to have a beer with u one day and yes i know u will have shampoo ha ha ha


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