I’m in A Pagoda!! How did this happen?


Okay so i’m currently in this weird room, with 3 beds at  Pagoda, which is a Buddhist monastery with orange robed monks. I have every female member of my family with Me, well almost and i’ve come to the executive decision that we’re all whacked. Well we’re either of the ‘Diva’ variety or the ‘Tea bag short of a full brew’ neck of the woods. I am both and i’m going to blame my younger brother for me having to be here. But at least i get to leave tomorrow afternoon. He has 8 days and i’m pissed off because i’m not feeling like the favourite child. UGH!!! I’m always favourite child…how can this BE!!!! I need a cocktail. This place is like rehab. My mums already nearly broke her fucking ankle. Hahahahah….

I’ve also come to the conclusion that i don’t work well when sober and that MEN can’t do anything by themselves. They’re useless!! They really are. Like they always need women to DO everything for them, sort their whole life out for them, wash their undies and point them in the right direction. I mean they get molly coddled by their Mothers from birth, then they really only get a wife in the end to replace their ‘mother’ figure. What has happened to romance and heros! I mean i’m only here trapped in this place, because a male couldn’t do this on his own!!!! I love how my Brother couldn’t come to a monastery on his own and had to bring at least 4 females with him and at his age i flew all the way to Hollyood on my own with a suitcase and NEVER came back for 8 years. LOL

I’ve been thinking a lot since being in this place of worship and it’s not only making my head hurt, but making me feel rather ambitious. I’m Chrissie Fucking WUNNA and i’m amazing. I’m the best girl i know. I’m a really awesome catch!! I feel like i’ve had so many boys take me for granted or be too terrified to be great to Me, or be so messed up in the head, that i’m refusing to date ANYONE until they are exactly right for Me. I’ve let boys be a bit too lucky, i think an dget a way with a bit too much. I’m no longer going to be making any moves on boys…as i’m always the ballsy first stepper. They can do all the leg work from now on. I know my worth. One did ask me out yesterday…but i declined. I just didn’t fancy him enough.

Therefore i will stick to what i’m good at and that’s being the life and soul to any ‘good time,’ a sexy little flooze, a good friend and a shimmie shaking money making, lurve love machine.

I have a very early morning and i can’t sleep coz i’m not drunk. My body isn’t use to NOT passing out. I can’t believe i’m in a Pagoda??? How has this happen?? I sin. I don’t cleanse. I can’t wait to move to London. I need GIN! I need BOOZE….save me from myself. I hope i get blessed tomorrow. Aww…my MUM is soooooo cute. I love it when she’s happy. Unfortunately she’s currently being a bunny and i’m swearing at her.. Hahahahahahah!! This place is sending us nuts! I’m thirsty…i’m going on a a nightime hunt around this place….

3 thoughts on “I’m in A Pagoda!! How did this happen?”

  1. Just the mere thought of Monks… it terrifies me!!!

    Remember Chrissie, “Don’t be a sinner, be a winner!” hahaa

    Good luck! You’re gonna need it!!

    P.S. – If you don’t melt when they put the blessed water on you tomorrow, then I will personally buy the next round of Gin & Tonic for us!!


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