I’m Back on Your Telly Box Next Weeky. #sextoystories


Okay, so! Obviously, i’ve just had a baby, my second child and i’m bathing in the glory of it. However, when it rains it pours in Wunna land…and well we sort of like to keep the champers a flowing, when the ball has begun to roll.

Like I said, nothing is currently more marvellous than the birth of my new baby boy, yet at the same time I NOW have a TV show, about to ‘hit’ your delicious screens of telly NEXT WEEK, on Channel 4, at 10pm, on THURS JUNE 13TH. ( I will remind you of this, because well…it’s what I do innit. I plug-plug-plug, until you’re sick of me. 🙂 )

The show is called ‘SEX TOY STORIES,’ (appropriate)…

…and well for the ENTIRE LAST YEAR, i’ve had my life, journey…time…whatever you so wish to call it FILMED, as have the other ladies that you see in the photo above, alongside ANN SUMMERS and Optomen TV, for your basic entertainment…and well let’s just say…i’ve helped put the ‘O’ back into the orgasm.



Eight women representing the nation we’re hand picked by Jacqueline Gold herself, (the beautiful glamour puss who is the Head Honcho of Ann Summers) to help create a NEW RANGE of sex toys, for real women, BY real women.

I of course…ended up being one of those lucky 8! 🙂

If you’ve been reading my blog, i’ve had to be hush-hush about it all for the whole year and well you’ll also know that last year a GREAT DEAL happened to me.

So now, you  lucky darlings get to watch Keiran and I on your telly box (as he was obviously a major part of my last year and in fact this entire project #teamcouple….but you’ll see…) and well not only that but yeah…you’ll get to see how well or how poorly I wiggled and worked at the Head Quarters of Ann Summers!



I honestly feel like the luckiest girl alive to have so much going on, all at the same time. The waiting time seems to finally be over and the heavens have opened and poured glitter on my kitten soul for a bit of ‘look at what WE did.’

Keiran and I are both super excited!!! I hope you adore the show…as do the other’s girls. We’ve all become really close now and well what we’ve achieved is honestly amazing. Luckily, you get to endure the drama of it all. 🙂


It’s sexy…it’s fun…it’s friendship…it’s family…but most of all….it’s business!

‘SEX TOY STORIES,’ Channel 4, Thurs June 13th, 10pm.

Here’s the link:


Celebrate the art of the orgasm with us ladies!!! Keep it yummy! Keep it true! Keep it strut!

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