I’m a lucky little ducky.

Hello My Beautiful Winks of Wonder. I actually woke up this morning, a darling bit grumpy, due to a mini-sized amount of ‘yeah i don’t like that too much’ news. But then, i’m not a moaner. I’m a ‘get on with it’ good time gal. I mean i moan, when i’m not really hurt. I always feel that when people moan out loud, about ‘pain,’ it’s usually for nothing but ATTENTION. I heal in private…when i’m deeply torn. I openly moan, when i want sympathy. (Both is fine.) Anyway, (back to the story)  i sort of, took a time out, pulled the blanket over my head, wished for better news & just like that *finger snap* within seconds, i recieved a text from a ‘treat’ who pretty much awarded me with the Greatest news ever, which stabilizes me in the world of ‘happy.‘ I’m truely am over the moon. I’m really really excited and well i might just pat my jolly self on my rather tanned back in merriment. I’m  feeling lucky and can’t believe all that is happening to me. (Oh and loving Joan Collins on my Tv screen right now.) You can’t keep a good Glamour Puss down. I have far too much feist, love and ‘Oooh laa’ in me to wallow in self pity. I’m doing really well and i’m really really proud of myself. I’ve had a great deal of LOVE from you all (and i thankyou deeply for it) yet over the last 2 days there has been 3 people of this merry world, who don’t believe in being positive for the upcoming new year, who have decided to cyber deliver me that ever so delicious ‘Hate Mail.’

Luckily, i’m far too happy, rich, beautiful, and drunk to care. 🙂 Haha… but no,on a more serious note, if you are a young foolish girl, who fancies any boy, that i might have dated, or who you wrongly believe fancies me…don’t bother HATING on me for no real reason, because firstly, that’s not sexy and  shows a deep lack of confidence. And well i encourage people from all walks of life,  to brim over with a delicious confident amount of ‘Va Voomage,’ to love hard and to live life, regardless as to whether you love me, hate me, whether you are rich, poor, hot or not…blah, blah blah. Plus secondly i read a Twitter by ‘Rev Run’ that stated, ‘when people hate you for no real reason, it’s when you know you are the best.’ (HE knows God and everything. AND you never want me to feel like i’m the ‘best,’ as my ego is untamable at the most appropriate times, let alone when it’s being massage.) I’m the Queen of ‘doing everything’…but let me tell you…one thing i have NEVER EVER done, is send someone ‘Hate Mail.’ (We do give out cuddles here in Wunnaland. Come get yours! You’ll probably get a bit more than a cuddle and leave with an std, but aah well…we try.) he way to GET the boy, isn’t to stalk my Facebook page every single day, analyzing my ‘jiggery pokery,’ and getting angry at a picture of me in no clothes, then telling me off for existing. (*Giggles* I mean we’re ALL done it. I certainly have.) What i’ve learnt is that it’s probably best if you just ‘love‘ the boy you love and show him that you’re definitely worth loving. (I know right? Wacky concept…kin’ell.)

 Oh and if you are another GIRL, who is ridiculing my professional resume of entertainment. Don’t think that i don’t do that on a regular basis honey. You are being perfectly 2000 and LATE. Don’t think, i haven’t amazed my OWN dear self. However, if we take a look at your professional entertainment resume…Oh yeah? Where is yours? *Pulls it from out of her arse…..fans herself with Prada…. then struts off.* I’m an entertainer. I’m meant to be making you feel with every cell of your being. Now leave me to be that tragic infamous ‘nuisance,’ that I am. It’s what i do best. It’s not my fault, that God loves me. 🙂 It’s always the ones that are doing a great deal rubbisher than you, that ‘rubbish‘ you.

Anyway, other than that and a sprinkle of Gods Greatest Glitter…my Black berry ball is jammed and i’ve been told by a dear hot friend ‘Luke

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