I’m a F****** Sparrow…Now MOVE!

Hey my lovelies…i’m a bit drunk so bare with me…or don’t…I don’t care…I’m drunk. Okay so today i had 3 great meetings. I was completed knackered, as i didn’t get to bed until 3am the night before. (Due to time differences and not partying…before you start…You tramps!) Anyway, the first was an interview for a mag. The third was sniffing scents and all that jazz for my own FRAGRANCE!! (Yes you heard! Woohoo. Made me a bit dizzy actually.) And the second ( i am aware i did this in a weird order) was a meeting with a ‘darling’ of the name ‘John Roberts’ (Jonny Jonny Rob Rob) who asked to meet me on Regent street today around lunch for a little bit of a proposition!

Okay ‘John Roberts’ has a show he is producing and after auditioning many a melodramatic female and all other kinds of ‘whoop-dees,’ for a part that would consist of being somewhat ‘Bridget Jones,’ yet ‘somewhat Kim Catrall’ in

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