I’m a drunk dialer and thats NOT hot

Hi Lovers, i have spent the morning dancing around infront of mirrors to various poppy themed tunes, and thats ‘poppy’ as in ‘music genre’, and not as in ‘ opium flower.’ You should try it… it’s endless fun, (and that’s the ‘dancing around’ for no particular reason that’s fun…, and not the ‘opium poppy.’) Oh god, i’ve already got off to a shakey blog writng start…it’s the 17 cups of coffee i’ve had, after a night of one million and one vodka & bitter lemons!!

I’ve found that i’m a drunk dialer….y’know, one of those dosey tarts, that has a shot in her, and decides to make random phones to people she hasn’t called in a million years, and bosses of companies who will now be listenning to the voicemails and thinking i’m a dizzy lunatic. Yeah, DRUNK DIALING is not HOT ever. I must remember to teach my daughter that, when i decide to have one…haha. Its the ‘Paris Hilton’ book i’m reading, it needs to come with a ‘caution’, or warning sticker stamped upon it, stating the side effects you will recieve during the process of reading the book. I’m definitely drinking more, and saying ‘HOT’ way too much. Slippery slope!

My life is great, and i’m feeling wonderful today, divine and full of life. I’m feeling very strong, very social and like i can conquer the universe. Plus, i have a great face on today, with always makes me feel better. I guess, it’s been a day of looking back at all the fun i’ve had, smiling  and cracking up at the fact that i’m probably going to enjoy making all those mistakes ALL over again!! I’ve been a rebel, a party Queen, i’m now a glamour puss, and the stories i can tell are ridiculously hilarious…now ( at the time they sucked.) I also feel lucky, as i seem to have managed to get away with a lot!! I’m still standing, and still the Queen of all things GREAT, and have a reputation that is priceless!! hahahahaha

i need to make more coffee and eat. I’m on this crap ‘not eating as much’ diet, and it makes me a little moodier than usual. Its all filed under ‘good times baby yeah.’ I’m missing my friends in LA, yet loving the time that i’m having here!! I feel so lucky and i’m not taking anything for granted!! (apart for the things that i’m totally taking for granted…) I’m bubbling over with ‘joie de vivre’ (is that even the right phrase??) Whocares, life is grand, i’m i’m Happy bitches happy!!

Now for that coffee, i need to stay awake as i’m off to Meadowhall tonight ( a tip for the stalkers)..haha, it’s late night shopping and dinner at ‘Nandos’ with the fam. We like to go when it’s quiet, almost closing and not so devastatingly busy, my mum claims, less people stare at the table and squeeze their imaginary boobs at me. She’s quite feisty and always feels the need to get up and say something!! Hilarious!! OOh i’m hungry now!

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