I’m a Big Girl Now

This is just a quick one to tell you how super proud I am of Baby Ruby, who’s all grown up now, (yes, at the tender age of 4) and had managed to pull herself together and start school this Sept 9th.

Now, I hardly ever write about the babies now, in order to safe guard their little selves from weird verbal battering. Lol.

However, having been through so much with Ruby and watching her go through so much, with all the changes that she’s had to adjust to and emotionally manage, through no fault of her own… (Everything changed for her at once and although she’s a bit of a hellraiser, she’s my little hellraiser and she’s the baby that saved my entire world. Every tiny inch of my soul adores her, even through the tough times and as her Mama and here for her all the way.)

But yes, my biggiest little one, has started school…and she actually goes to the exact same school that I went too, which I adore. Pete her Daddy, (who i get on really well with and who also fancies her teacher) also went to the same school, which makes it doubly special.

Watching her grow up is hard, but lovely. I’m a soft mum, but i’m a ‘best friend’ kinda of Mum…but in this moment i super proud. I remember having her in my belly, on my actual DUE DATE, on a tv show, which Peaches Geldolf, with a doctor on Standby, Pete getting pissed backstage and with my fingers crossed that she wouldn’t pop out. ITV were dying for her to pop out. Lol. Her whole entire birth filmed. It’s crazy. The to watch her turn into this madam. The moments she laughs with me, asks me about life, shouts in my face when she’s mad, The moments she drives me up the wall, but the moments where she’ll just sit, cuddle me, smile and tell me how much she loves me.

I feel like the luckiest girl in the world to have her, because I understand her and know my role as a mum.

I had a cry, i walked her into her first day…Junior wanted a school bag and was heavily concerned that it was ‘all about Ruby.’ He tottered into nursery with my pink Marc Jacobs handbag, simpl yto make his statement.

Well done Ruby for doing Big School….

I love you super much.



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