I’ll be much warmer

Long day, even longer night! I’m back on hardcore work mode, and enjoying every second!! I’m a lucky girly! I spent most of the day in Sheffield, spending quality time with the ‘Great Wunna before Me’ (Mummy dearest), and i guess we decided to celebrate the lives we had, by purchasing extra uplift, plunge, ‘looks like you’ve had four boob jobs,’ bras. Hers came in ‘Virginal White.’ ( Hmm..yeah whatever?) Mine, in ‘ Hot Pussy Pink.’ (lol…) Happy Easter Monday honey’s!!! It’s hilarious! When you adorn these such bras, it feels as though you’ve also managed to steal, 20 bags of water, and stuff them into you’re ‘boulder holder.’ You take one step forward, and theres a random, wobbly water sound!! It’s hot!!

Anyway, get this, ‘I’ and in my 5 ft 4” glory, have managed to book, a massive fashion modelling gig. My pictures we’re submitted, with ‘boobs out galore,’ (it’s all i had,) with a note that says, ‘She does fashion.’ My message back was, ‘Good times, you booked it.’ Apparently, one Glamour photog, i had worked with, gave GREAT ‘Shake it baby,’ feedback, on my skills, and i have 12 fashion outfits, a massive shoot for worldwide publication, and a GIANT smile on my facey!! ( cha-ching.) I’m SO excited as i’m not use to doing a shoot with actual clothes on. Yipee! (I’m sure it will be much warmer.) I’m still in shock, but sooooo happy!! They’re even having a posing coach, there to help me, if i get nervous and bollocks it up! (Which i won’t, i never balls anything, apart from my personal life.)

Can you believe it?? I feel lucky, hopefully some of my luck will rub off on you!! ( But probably not, i’m selfish…it’s ALL MINE.)

Kissy kissy face, my Darlings! I love you!!

4 thoughts on “I’ll be much warmer”

  1. hahaha, i know…i’m going down a rung or two, on the ladder of Greatness.

    Chrissie Formally apologises for actually doing a shoot adorning clothes.

    quote: ‘ I’m so deeply sorry for setting such a bad example to younger generations!’

  2. I’m still struggling to comprehend…

    …are they special clothes?

    …are the clothes transparent?

    …are they invisible?

    …have they been woven from air?

    …are they too small for the eye to see?

    I’m just not seeing how clothes is better than Wunna Skin…



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