If you’re sexy and you know it…

I’m sat by a Pic & Mix bag and after a mouthful of mushroom rice with chilli peppers, i guess i could gobble up the entireĀ contents of the bag and label it ‘pudding?’ My wedding diet’s going rubbish and pretty much because i don’t think i’m that ‘out of shape’…i still feel sexy, even at 31, after a little glitzy baby, meaning i have no incentive to try and lose those little bits of wibble. It’s not challenging enough and well i’m sure i’ll look fine in a wedding dress. šŸ˜‰ I don’t really eat lots anyway. I’m more of a snacker. I’m pretty sure i get most of my calorie intake from wine and i’m not giving that up, so my little love humps of jiggly puss will have to stay, until they decide to be clever about their area of resident and move to a muchĀ funner part of town…like my boobs. I never know why girls bother about their weight if it’s not life threatening. If you’re sexy, you’re sexy and you really should know it, own and love it. Ā It’s a glow that comes from within you. It doesn’t even have to be a naughty glow. It’s a look…a way…a manner. You can be as innocent as can be, but still beĀ ‘ouch’-fest sexy.Ā Ā Keiran always says that he’s blown away every time he looks at me and he thinks i’m the most beautiful girlĀ he has ever seen….Ā and it’s simply because i ‘glow.’ (Anything for a bacon sarnie a la bonky. ;))

No.. but really…if i have a glow of ‘naughty’ about me, he growls with his (what i call) ‘Elvis lip curl’ and if i’m Dolly cuteness…all wide eyed and little giggle, he wants to jumps on me and squeezes me with an ‘oooh baby, i can’t believe how much i love you!’ It really is ‘win-win’ all the way. So ladies, find what’s sexy about you…don’t sell yourselves short though,( coz i always find that skanky these days) and celebrate it, with a *wink* and a cooked dinner. NEVER underestimate the power of a cooked dinner. I swear on my life, i could be horrifically hormonal, throwing ‘Diva’s’ out of every temper closet…yet if i then cooked my ‘handsome’ a yummy warm meal..he adores me again and we’re automatically back to ‘fairytale.’ If i added blowjob to that, he’s probably renew his wedding vows, before he’s even taken them. Men really aren’t that hard to conquer. If you just love them right, they love you right back. Keiran and i are quite traditional in our views. I certainly play the ‘girl’ role and he certainly plays the role of ‘man.’ I mean we’re cutesy wootsie and talk to each other in baby voices filled with giggles…but i have rules and he has rules. Now, that I’m a mum and an ‘almost’ wife…(there’s lots that he puts his foot down about, as it’s how he would expect his wife to behave)Ā and now that he’s a daddy and an ‘almost’ husband..(.there’s lots that i put my foot down about, due to how i wish my dream hubby to behave)…and it actually completely works. It’s about respect.

I’ve been up since 4am and i’m knackered. Rubes pooed all over the bed this morning, so we i had to tend to an emergency baby bum clean, whilst she made me sing ‘Justin Bieber’ songs at her, to make her smile. I’m still at my mums, who’s laptop is far better than mine. My laptop has a mind of it’s own. It turns on and off whenever it so pleases and waits until the prime opportunity to pull a tantrum and ruin my written word…life. I need to get home to shower, tan and pack for my trip away for the weekend. I need wine immediately and well i’ve been looking through all the quotes today that wedding suppliers, ie/bands, photographers, etc…have forwarded us. It’s a long laborious process of ‘ooh’ and well i really justĀ need some chill time. Pronto!

I’ve been researching, writing, i’ve been sorting out our RSVP letters to guests. I’ve been doing it all with a half done face and bad hair and i think that’s maybe why i’m not feeling it? I swear on my life, if i don’t have my face and hair fully done, i can’t blog as well as usual.Ā It’s weird? Like i’m this character that can only fuction when bronzed, eyelined, lipglossed and spritzed. Being a Glamour Puss is the ace. However, when you need a bit of ‘kick down’ time…you just need it fast. I’m boiling, i’m in pink, my phone is going mental and i’m booking train tickets. Rubes gets to have her first ever ‘hotel night’ with me tomorrow…we have a little suite together and she’ll quite obviously love every single moment of it.

Anyway, i thought i’d check in again, since i’m not going to be able to over the weekend.

I love you and i thank you!

Big Kisses,



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