I was on the telly

Oh my GOD! had the most amazing night of just ‘i’m on the telly’ excitement!! I was buzzing! Yet even though i had had almost 5 lychee martinis, 3 shots and a red vodka thing, plus a juicy mound of Grey Goose i didn’t at all feel drunk! I guess, my excitement out weighed my drunkness. Finally!

So we all watched the first episode of the show together at the Molton House. It was all dark, red, pink lights and lush. And the place was littered with finger food, free drinks, BBF’s (even though a bunch of them ‘no showed’) and all of the ITV gang. I love the ITV gang (this is the sucking up part…lol) but really i do. I mean, they placed me on a show and i couldn’t be more grateful as i’ve finally found something that i LOVE to do more than being a ‘lady of leisure.’ Reality tv ROCKS!! Oh and ofcourse Paris showed up, to watch it with us, which i loved. She was sooo excited. We all were. It’s surreal watching yourself on a big tv screen, next to Samuel & Layla (who i picked to leave over Jade..haha) and have Paris  (who was sitting a few people behind me) scream…’I love your laugh Chrissie,’ as i’m cheering at myself (like ya do) on telly!! I think i was just in shock!! I was buzzing and i think the shows AMAZING!!

We all then went out and got trollied at ‘Maddox,’ which was okay, except everyone kept bumping into people and spilling drinks on me to crap music. The people were a bit stuck up there. It was odd. So we then moved on to ‘Raffles’ -which i LOVE (and only cos you can go ‘yeah, yeah, yeah’ on their podium. Had the best night EVER! We did actually have to leave a few drunks behind…not mentioning any names (Dom.) He looked like a drunken floozy (lol) and Samuel and I were standing outside the club, just pushing him around, rummaging in his wallet and trying to put him in anybodies car. Greatness!

Thanx for all my messages bitches! I’ve recieved a lot of ‘you love my laugh’ ones. (Well the 3 ‘heavies’ didn’t!) It was scary, but i was McTrashed, ( i mean i was one of the last ones to get interrogated, so it was almost 3.30am, i had had about 15 shots. I was dancing on tables and then 2 seconds later, I get fooled into an ‘i love ur new hair’ conversation with Lee (producer.) He then harshly in 3 seconds flat SHOVES me (with his manly hands) into the interrogation room, whilst i’m doing Vogue arms!! It was cool! Major kissage. I’m really glad you’re enjoying the show. For me it’s such a huge deal. I can’t wait until the next one!! Everyone in the hotel i’m staying at watched it…so i’m MILKING it. Kisses Darlings!

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  1. im pleased u enjoyed it chrissie u came across realy well and u have got an exotic accent aint u treacle a bit of yorkshire burma and la. i did nt like it when they where piping about your laugh i felt like smacking mark durden smith in the mui when he got lemon , if they did that to my bird i would of cut all 3 of em. i hope u win coz u seem the most geniune and u are me old china


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